MCQ of The Lost Child | Mulk Raj Anand | Class 9 | English | Term 1 |


MCQ of The Lost Child, Mulk Raj Anand | Class 9 | English |

Extract 1

It was the festival of spring. From the wintry shades of narrow lanes and alleys emerged a gaily clad humanity. Some walked, some rode on horses, others sat, being carried in bamboo and bullock carts. One little boy ran between his father’s legs, brimming over with life and laughter. “Come, child, come,” called his parents, as he lagged behind, fascinated by the toys in the shops that lined the way. He hurried towards his parents, his feet obedient to their call, his eyes still lingering on the receding toys. As he came to where they had stopped to wait for him, he could not suppress the desire of his heart, even though he well knew the old, cold stare of refusal in their eyes.

1. Name the chapter whence this extract has been taken.
a) The Lost Child
b) The Sound of Music
c) The Little Girl
d) A Truly Beautiful Mind

Answer : The Lost Child

2. Who is the author of the Lost Child?
a) Chetan Bhagat
b) T.S. Eliot
c) Mulk Raj Anand
d) Kamala Das

Answer : Mulk Raj Anand

3. By what was the child fascinated in the fair?
a) Sweets
b) Swings
c) Toys
d) Acrobats

Answer : Toys

4. What does the child ‘Suppress’ mean?
a) Subdue
b) Stamp down
c) Bring under control by force
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

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Extract 2

A sweetmeat seller hawked, “gulab-jaman, rasagulla, burfi, jalebi,” at the corner of the entrance and a crowd pressed round his counter at the foot of an architecture of many coloured sweets, decorated with leaves of silver and gold. The child stared open-eyed and his mouth watered for the burfi that was his favourite sweet. “I want that burfi,” he slowly murmured. But he half knew as he begged that his plea would not be heeded because his parents would say he was greedy. So without waiting for an answer he moved on.

1. What did the child ask for eating from all the sweets?
a) Gulab-Jaman
b) Rasagulla
c) Burfi
d) Jalebi

Answer : Burfi

2. How did he know that his plea would not be heeded?
a) For he was a diabetic
b) For he was forbidden by the doctors to be a sweet-tooth
c) For he himself had no money
d) For he knew that his parents would refuse calling him greedy.

Answer : For he knew that his parents would refuse calling him greedy

3. What does the speaker mean by the phrase ‘His mouth watered’?
a) That he wanted to put those into water
b) That he wanted to quench his thirst
c) That he wanted to eat those sweets badly
d) That he was not interested in sweets at all.

Answer : That he wanted to eat those sweets badly

4. What does the word ‘Hawk’ mean?
a) Vend
b) Peddle
c) Offer for sale
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

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Extract 3

There was a roundabout in full swing. Men, women and children, carried away in a whirling motion, shrieked and cried with dizzy laughter. The child watched them intently and then he made a bold request: “I want to go on the roundabout, please, Father, Mother.” There was no reply. He turned to look at his parents. They were not there, ahead of him. He turned to look on either side. They were not there. He looked behind. There was no sign of them.

1. What happened to the child?
a) He got the sweets
b) He fell down from the swing
c) He got lost in the fair
d) None of these

Answer : He got lost in the fair

2. Who are they in the last few lines?
a) His neighbours
b) His parents
c) His friends
d) All of these

Answer : His friends

3. What does the word ‘Intently’ mean?
a) Eagerly
b) Unknowingly
c) Lazily
d) Respectfully

Answer : Eagerly

4. Where did the child miss his parents?
a) In the mall
b) In a shopping centre
c) In a fair
d) None of these

Answer : In a fair

Extract 4

He ran quickly again, this time to a shrine to which people seemed to be crowding. Every little inch of space here was congested with men, but he ran through people’s legs, his little sob lingering: “Mother, Father!” Near the entrance to the temple, however, the crowd became very thick: men jostled each other, heavy men, with flashing, murderous eyes and hefty shoulders. The poor child struggled to thrust a way between their feet but, knocked to and fro by their brutal movements, he might have been trampled underfoot, had he not shrieked at the highest pitch of his voice, “Father, Mother!” A man in the surging crowd heard his cry and, stooping with great difficulty, lifted him up in his arms.

1. Whom was the child looking for?
a) His mother
b) His father
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

Answer : Both a and b

2. What does the narrator mean by ‘Men jostled each other’?
a) Men were requesting each other
b) Men were shoveling each other
c) Men were sitting with each other
d) Men were talking to each other

Answer : His friends

3. What is to and fro?
a) Back and forth
b) Backward and forward
c) Moving from one place to another and back again
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

4. Who saved the little child from the chaos of the crowd?
a) His father
b) His mother
c) One of the organizers
d) None of these

Answer : None of these

Extract 5

The child turned his nose away from the basket and reiterated his sob, “I want my mother, I want my father!” Thinking to humour his disconsolate charge by a gift of sweets, the man took him to the counter of the sweet shop. “What sweets would you like, child?” he asked. The child turned his face from the sweet shop and only sobbed, “I want my mother, I want my father!”

1. What does the word ‘Reiterate’ mean?
a) To say
b) To state
c) To perform
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

2. Why did the child refuse to have any sweets?
a) For he had no money to buy
b) For he wanted his parents to buy those sweets
c) For he needed his parents not the sweets
d) All of these

Answer : For he needed his parents not the sweets

3. Which literary device has been used in ‘Sweet Shop’?
a) Transferred Epithet
b) Metonymy
c) Parallelism
d) Alliteration

Answer : All of these

4. What does the word ‘Disconsolate’ mean?
a) Sad beyond comforting
b) Capable of being consoled
c) Incapable of being consoled
d) Both A and C

Answer : None of these


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