Extracts of The Adventures of Toto | MCQ of The Adventures of Toto | Class 9 | English

Extract 1

His bright eyes sparkled with mischief beneath deep-set eyebrows, and his teeth, which were a pearly white, were very often displayed in a smile that frightened the life out of elderly Anglo-lndian ladies. But his hands looked dried-up as though they had been pickled in the sun for many years. Yet his fingers were quick and wicked; and his tail, while adding to his good looks (Grandfather believed a tail would add to anyone’s good looks), also served as a third hand. He could use it to hang from a branch; and it was capable of scooping up any delicacy that might be out of reach of his hands.

1. Name the chapter whence this extract has been taken.
a) The Lost Child
b) The Sound of Music
c) The Little Girl
d) The Adventures of Toto

Answer : The Adventures of Toto

2. Who is the author of The Adventures of Toto?
a) Ruskin Bond
b) T.S. Eliot
c) Mulk Raj Anand
d) Kamala Das

Answer : Ruskin Bond

3. What is Toto in the chapter The Adventures of Toto?
a) A donkey
b) A dog
c) A cat
d) A monkey

Answer : A monkey

4. Who is an anglo-indian?
a) Person with both Indian and British Ancestry
b) Person without Indian and British Ancestry
c) Non Residents of India
d) Indian got married abroad

Answer : Person with both Indian and British Ancestry

5. What does the word ‘Wicked’ mean?
a) A good person/animal
b) A holy person/animal
c) Morally wrong person/animal
d) None of these

Answer : Morally wrong person/animal

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Extract 2

Grandmother always fussed when Grandfather brought home some new bird or animal. So it was decided that Toto’s presence should be kept a secret from her until she was in a particularly good mood. Grandfather and I put him away in a little closet opening into my bedroom wall, where he was tied securely or so we thought to a peg fastened into the wall.

1. What was the grandmother’s reaction when any animal was brought home?
a) She would accept it with open arms
b) She would start playing with it immediately
c) She would hug that animal and fed it gently with her own hands
d) She felt disturbed and annoyed when that happened

Answer : She felt disturbed and annoyed when that happened

2. Where was Toto kept in order to hide it from the grandmother?
a) In the fields
b) In the cage
c) In servants’ room
d) In grandfather’s closet

Answer : In grandfather’s closet

3. What does the word ‘Fastened’ mean?
a) To let loose
b) Tied
c) Freed
d) None of these

Answer : Tied

4. Why was Toto hidden in a closet?
a) Lest he should attack anyone
b) Lest grandmother should see him
c) Lest grandfather should see him
d) All of these

Answer : Lest grandmother should see him

Extract 3

His presence in the house still a secret, Toto was now transferred to a big cage in the servants’ quarters where a number of Grandfather’s pets lived very sociably together — a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel and, for a while, my pet goat. But the monkey wouldn’t allow any of his companions to sleep at night; so Grandfather, who had to leave Dehra Dun next day to collect his pension in Saharanpur, decided to take him along.

1. What other pets did the grandfather have except Toto?
a) Tortoise
b) Squirrel
c) Goat and rabbits
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

2. Who would not let other animals sleep?
a) Tortoise
b) Goat
c) Rabbits
d) Toto

Answer : Toto

3. What made the grandfather take Toto along with him?
a) His nuisance
b) His problematic nature
c) His not letting others sleep
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

4. What does the word ‘Tame’ mean?
a) Domesticated
b) Quiet
c) Subdued
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

Extract 4

A big black canvas kit-bag was provided for Toto. This, with some straw at the bottom, became his new abode. When the bag was closed, there was no escape. Toto could not get his hands through the opening, and the canvas was too strong for him to bite his way through. His efforts to get out only had the effect of making the bag roll about on the floor or occasionally jump into the air — an exhibition that attracted a curious crowd of onlookers.

1. Which literary device has been used in ‘Big Black Canvas’?
a) Zeugma
b) Alliteration
c) Personification
d) Metonymy

Answer : Alliteration

2. Why was Toto unable to escape through the canvas?
a) For it was too weak
b) For it was made of steel
c) For it was too strong
d) None of these

Answer : For it was too strong

3. What does the word ‘Onlookers’ mean?
a) Someone looking for 
b) Someone looking on
c) Someone looking after
d) All of these

Answer : Someone looking on

4. What was Toto’s new abode?
a) Blue Canvas Kit Bag
b) White Canvas Kit Bag
c) Green Canvas Kit Bag
d) Black Canvas Kit Bag

Answer : Black Canvas Kit Bag

Extract 5

The poor man was taken aback; but, with great presence of mind and much to Grandfather’s annoyance, he said, “Sir, you have a dog with you. You’ll have to pay for it accordingly.” In vain did Grandfather take Toto out of the bag; in vain did he try to prove that a monkey did not qualify as a dog, or even as a quadruped. Toto was classified a dog by the ticket-collector; and three rupees was the sum handed over as his fare. Then Grandfather, just to get his own back, took from his pocket our pet tortoise, and said, “What must I pay for this, since you charge for all animals?”

1. What does the phrasal verb ‘Taken aback’ mean?
a) Shocked
b) Surprised
c) Astonished
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

2. What does the phrase ‘In vain’ mean?
a) To no avail
b) To avail
c) Being happy
d) None of these

Answer : To no avail

3. How much amount was charged by the Ticket-Collector for Toto?
a) Two Rupees
b) Three Rupees
c) Four Rupees
d) Five Rupees

Answer : Three Rupees

4. Which other animal did the grandfather have in his pocket?
a) Rat
b) Cat
c) Tortoise
d) All of these

Answer : Tortoise

Extract 6

On Toto’s first night in the stable, Grandfather paid him a visit to see if he was comfortable. To his surprise he found Nana, without apparent cause, pulling at her halter and trying to keep her head as far as possible from a bundle of hay. Grandfather gave Nana a slap across her haunches, and she jerked back, dragging Toto with her. He had fastened on to her long ears with his sharp little teeth. Toto and Nana never became friends.

1. Which of the following animal was named as ‘Nana’?
a) Tortoise
b) Donkey
c) Monkey
d) Bull

Answer : Donkey

2. What are haunches?
a) Hips
b) Buttocks
c) Upper Thighs
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

3. Why did the grandfather pay a visit to the stable?
a) To see if Toto was comfortable
b) To see if Nana was comfortable
c) To see if all the animals were comfortable
d) All of these

Answer : To see if Toto was comfortable

4. Why could Toto and Nana never become friends again?
a) For they loved each other
b) For Nana loved him one-sidedly
c) For they had a tussle with each other
d) For they wanted to rule that stable

Answer : For they had a tussle with each other

Extract 7

One day, at lunch-time, a large dish of pullao stood in the centre of the dining-table. We entered the room to find Toto stuffing himself with rice. My grandmother screamed — and Toto threw a plate at her. One of my aunts rushed forward — and received a glass of water in the face. When Grandfather arrived, Toto picked up the dish of pullao and made his exit through a window. We found him in the branches of the jackfruit tree, the dish still in his arms.

1. What made the grandmother scream?
a) Seeing Toto playing on the dining-table
b) Seeing Toto stuffing rice in his mouth
c) Seeing Toto sleeping on the dining-table
d) None of these

Answer : Toto’s stuffing rice in his mouth

2. With what did Toto exit?
a) Jackfruit
b) Dish of Pullao
c) Glass of water
d) All of these

Answer : Dish of Pullao

3. Which of the following adjectives best describes Toto?
a) Calm and Composed
b) Mischievous
c) Soothing
d) All of these

Answer : Mischievous

4. For how much was Toto bought?
a) Two rupees
b) Three rupees
c) Four rupees
d) Five rupees

Answer : Five rupees

5. For how much was Toto sold?
a) Two rupees
b) Three rupees
c) Four rupees
d) Five rupees

Answer : Three rupees


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