Keeping Quiet By Pablo Neruda (Important Questions and Answers With PDF File)

Keeping Quiet (Important Questions and Answers)


Q1. What will counting up to twelve help men to achieve?

Ans. Counting up to twelve refers to the time given by the poet to readers to commence the process of keeping quiet. After this, human can start introspecting himself in order to know the difference between right things and wrong things.


Q2. Does the poet advocate total inactivity in this poem?

Ans. No, the poet does not advocate total inactivity in this poem. He, rather wants to people to engage in their respective work but not at the cost of his mother earth and other natural resources which are depleting because of him. According to him, total inactivity is a sheer wastage of time which makes human a devil.


Q3. What symbol from the nature does the poet pick to explain the importance of keeping quiet? Why?

Ans. The poet takes the example of mother earth to explain the importance of keeping quiet. According to him, earth is the only symbol of nature that remains quiet from the surface all the time, though there is a life beneath. It also teaches us that “Silence is best” and encourages us to keep quiet for the prevalence of peace on this earth.


Q4. What are the fisherman and the man gathering salt symbolic of?

Ans. The fisherman and the man gathering salt are symbolic of the destruction created by humans on their mother earth. According to the poet, people of this world have been so selfish that they can go to any extent in order to have personal gains. Therefore, he advises both of them to take care of others along with their growth.


Q5. Which sadness does the poet talk about in this poem?

Ans. According to the poet, human has made him depressed and sad himself. His misdeeds, which he frequently does with the mother earth and other creatures, have made him feared of death. He can only get rid of this nuisance if he protects all the biological systems as well as this nature.

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