Summary of ‘A Thing of Beauty’ with PDF file

Thing of Beauty Summary

This poem is a beautiful creation, taken as an excerpt, from one of the poems crafted by John Keats. In this poem, John Keats praises all the beautiful things present around us and the world. According to him, beautiful things get treasured in our mind and grow more beautiful with the passage of the time. They provide eternal happiness, everlasting joy to us and leave their imprints on the mind of all human beings who hold a strong bonding with the earth. According to the poet, this earth has abundance of pessimistic people, hatred among the people, sadness that lurks everywhere in human’s life and over-darkened ways. He holds human responsible for every negative thing on this earth. According to him, only beautiful things can make our soul pure and thoughts alive.

In next stanza, he mentions some of the name of beautiful things such as; the sun, the moon, the trees old or young because of their ‘to-give’ policy. These natural things never expect anything from human and always extend their hands towards the mankind. Then, the poet talks about daffodils which grow amid the green fields and clear rills which remain cool throughout the season however hot the weather is. Besides, the poet calls the mid forest brake which gets filled with fragrance and beauty when grows in a beautiful white rose with falling petals.

The poet calls dead people ‘mighty’ in next stanza because they lived for a cause. They preserved beauty for us which is being enjoyed by all of us. He imagines that such people should be given due respect which they deserve on the judgment day. He also call the stories beautiful which are related to these mighty dead. According to him, the fountain of beautiful things will never end and will always remain endless. He states that God himself has taken the responsibility to provide us the beautiful things which he showers onto us from the heaven’s corner every day.

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