CHAPTER-2 THE ENEMY (Short Answer Type Questions) with Summary of the Chapter, Class XII

Summary of ‘The Enemy’

(Pearl S.Buck)

This chapter revolves around the war between America and Japan which make them enemies to each other. Their hatred grows but it doesn’t make any difference to Dr. Sadao’s personality who rises above the prejudice and discrimination in order to hold his responsibility as a doctor. He forgets that the P.O.W is his enemy and saves his life in the end.

At the beginning of this chapter, the narrator talks about Dr. Sadao’s childhood and his father. He sheds some light on the personality of his father who was a patriot and a man of letters. He was only concerned about his son’s education therefore sent him to America at the age of 22 to learn about medicine and surgery. Dr. Sadao returns at the age of 30 and makes his presence feel in the entire Japan. Even, the General of Japan (Takima) never lets him go abroad due to his illness.

Narrator talks about the relationship of Dr. Sadao and Hana who had met each other at Professor Harley’s house in
America. They love each other a lot and even have two babies. Their life moves smoothly till they find an injured American at their doorstep. At first, they plan to throw him back into the sea but later on changes their mindset. Dr. Sadao being a doctor, decides to save his life and carries his light weighed body to his father’s room. His wife and all the three servants object but he turns a blind eye and operates on him with his utmost devotion. He finds a bullet stuck in the wound which he, later, picks out with his exploring instrument. He examines the wound of the patient and gives him many pieces of advice for his betterment every day.

After a few days, all his servants leave their job because of Dr. Sadao’s adamancy to save an Enemy’s life which leave the whole family imbalanced. Hana gets scared when a messenger comes to inform Dr. Sadao about General’s ill health. Dr. Sadao goes to the General and requests him to solve the problem. General, who is in the palm of Dr. Sadao, assures him to send his assassins in order to get that American killed. Dr. Sadao waits for three nights but no one comes. He finally makes up his mind to save that American’s life. He arranges a stout boat, some food, some water bottles and other necessities for the successful escape of that American P.O.W. He hands in his flashlight to that P.O.W and instructs him to follow his instructions. Finally, Dr. Sadao manages to send that American to his own country with the help of a Korean fishing boat.

At the end of the chapter, Dr. Sadao remembers five American faces which had a lion’s share in his life. He remember the days spent with his first landlady, who was full of prejudice, yet saved his life when he was suffering from influenza.

Dr. Sadao is left alone at the beach with a confusion why he saved that American P.O.W’s life.


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CHAPTER-2 THE ENEMY (Short Answer Type Questions)


Q1. What was the chief concern of Dr. Sadao’s father?

Dr. Sadao’s father chief concern was his education. That’s why he was sent to America at the age of 22 to learn about medicine and surgery. He practiced there for 8 years and came back at 30.


Q2. Why was Dr. Sadao never sent with the troops?

Dr. Sadao was never sent with the troops because he was the only surgeon whom the General trusted upon. Apart from that he had been perfecting a discovery which would make the wounds entirely clean.


Q3. Who was Hana? What did she notice coming out of the mist?

Hana was the wife of Dr. Sadao. She noticed a man staggering and fumbling on his toes. On reaching there they both (Hana & Dr. Sadao) found that the man was a P.O.W who was bleeding from the back.


Q4. What did Hana want Dr. Sadao to do on seeing P.O.W?

Hana wanted Dr. Sadao to throw the man back into the sea. She thought that P.O.W was from an enemy country and did not deserve any kind of respect from the couple.


Q5. Why did Yumi refuse to wash P.O.W?

Yumi refused to wash him because she thought that the man belonged to an enemy country & was her enemy. Moreover she had never washed any white man before.


Q6. “You took my guts out.” why did the P.O.W deliver this statement?

The P.O.W delivered this statement while the operation was going on. He thought that Dr. Sadao had taken his intestines out while operating on him. But, he was proved wrong later on.


Q7. The gardener was a superstitious person. Do you agree?

Yes we agree that the gardener was a superstitious person. He thought that the bullet, the rock, and the sea would revenge upon Dr. Sadao if he tried to save his life because all of them wanted to kill him.


Q8. What two things happened on the seventh day of prisoner staying at Dr. Sadao’s home?

The first thing that happened was all the servants left Dr. Sadao due to sheltering of P.O.W. Apart from that, a messenger came there whom Hana considered as a policeman who had come to arrest her husband. But, it was found that he had been sent by the General as he was ill.


Q9. What made Dr. Sadao irritable and angry with the P.O.W.?

When Dr. Sadao saw that all the servants had left his home and Hana had to look after the entire household work, he got irritable and angry with the man. Besides, he had to leave all his practices and look after the babies.


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