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Character Sketch of Subbu (Poets and Pancakes)

Subbu Character Sketch

Kothamanglam Subbu was at No.2 in Gemini Studios and considered very close to the boss. He was a many-sided genius and tailor-made for films. It is believed that film making was absolutely easy with a man like Subbu. Although he was the part of story department and had nothing to do with film making yet he was always ready to share his ideas with the producers and directors of the movies.

When the producer ran out of ideas and suggestions, he would come out with four ideas. If not liked, he would put forward another fourteen to satiate his needs. He was a good actor too. Whatever significant or insignificant role he played, he would not leave any stone unturned and did better than the main actor and actress. Besides, he was a kind hearted fellow who supported end number of struggling actors, poets and many more by sheltering them in his house. He, himself, did not know how many of them were being supported by him. Moreover, his literary achievements were not hidden from anyone in Gemini studios.

All these qualities made him different from all and taller than others. Therefore he was called a many-sided genius.

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