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Summary of Julius Caesar by William Douglas

‘Julius Caesar’ by William Shakespeare is an exceptional creativity of William Shakespeare which highlights the achievements of Julius Caesar who has just returned back after defeating the sons of Pompey and how his murder’s conspiracy is hatched by the conspirators. Besides, it highlights the diplomacy and oratory skills of Antony which incites the mob against the people who conspired to kill Caesar.

The play begins with the dream of Calpurnia who has cried out thrice in her dreams seeing her husband being murdered. At the beginning, she advises and requests her husband not to go out believing in her dreams. Apart from that, She narrates all the horrid sights which have been seen not only by her but also by their watchman too. She points out at the deteriorating weather too which is a sign of bad omen.

Caesar flaunts his over confidence over there refusing to believing in all that superstition adding that “Cowards die many times before their birth.” But, seeing the adamance of his wife, he decides not to move out. He orders his servant to go to the senate house and to covey that he will not come.

Soon enters Decius Brutus, who is jealous of rising popularity of Caesar and insecure as well. He misinterprets the dream of Calpurnia adding that people are so much close to Caesar that they want to wash their hands in Caesar’s blood not because they dislike him but because they want to preserve every drop of his blood as a remembrance forever. Moreover he draws Caesar’s attention towards the crown which could be given to someone else if he fails to reach senate house.

Caesar gets provoked and decides to move out ignoring all the warnings and threat explained by Calpurnia. He wears his robe and stirs out.

When he reaches the senate house, Cimber requests Caesar to withdraw his decision of banishing his brother from the country. But Caesar shows his adamance and forbids to change his decision. He calls himself a constant star which does not change its location. Caesar’s refusal infuriates him and all the conspirators stab him one by one including the Brutus who was considered closest to Caesar.

Caesar says “Et Tu Brutus” which shows that he had not expected one of his best friends (Brutus) stabbing him from the back like a coward.

After Caesar’s death, Markus Antony comes and finds his one of the best friends dead, he expresses his desire of being killed with the noble body and blood of the his beloved friend. He requests the conspirators to kill him with the same dagger whereby Caesar was killed. But, all the conspirators make it very clear that they had problem with Caesar, who is no more now, not with Antony or any of Caesar’s friend. They offer him their company and declare Caesar as ‘Ambitious’ in front of everyone.


When Everyone leaves from there, Antony makes a prophecy that Rome has yet to see a dreadful day wherein everybody will cry shedding tears of blood, graves will open their mouth, people will be killing each other and much more.

Besides, Antony calls all of them ‘Master Spirits of All the Ages’ and requests for a chance to be given in order to speak something in favour of Caesar on the pulpit.

At first Casca objects to his speaking on the pulpit in front of the people but Brutus assures him that Antony will speak what they want him to speak. Moreover, Antony is restricted to speak against the conspirators but allowed to speak in favour of Caesar.

Initially, Brutus goes to the pulpit, declares Caesar as Ambitious and win the hearts of thousands of supporters who even get ready to see him in the shoes of Caesar. He even says that he loved Caesar as a king but not as a person because he was ambitious and he only thought of himself. People, after hearing his words, say “Let him be Caesar”

Then goes Antony who prove Brutus wrong saying that Caesar was not at all ambitious. According to Antony, if he were ambitious, he would not have refused for the crown thrice. He also reads Caesar’s will wherein he wrote that he gives 72 drachmas to every citizen of Rome and leave his orchards open for every roman so that they can roam freely and live their life to the fullest. His words feel the heart of such people with utter emotions that they become restless to avenge the death of their king who has been killed by these conspirators without any rhyme or reason.

Hearing Antony, the mob gets provoked and decide to kill the conspirators who had killed the noble Caesar. But Antony draws their all attention to the meek and quiet body of Julius Caesar and asks for the revenge.

The mob loses its cool and burn the houses of the conspirators. The army of Octavious Caesar and Markus Antony defeat the army of Brutus in the end. The conspirators are left with no option expects committing suicide in the end.

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