Summary of A Shady Plot | Chapter 4 | Class 10 | Literature Reader | English |

Summary of A Shady Plot | Chapter 4 | Class 10 | Literature Reader | English |

Summary of A Shady Plot

The chapter ‘Shady Plot’ revolves around the super natural powers present around us. John Hallock, who is an accountant by profession, writes some ghost stories on the instructions of Jenkins. He has written some well deserved stories in recent past and even been acclaimed for his writings by the readers and Jenkins. Jenkins helps him financially therefore, he can not deny him.

At the beginning of the chapter, readers find him sitting and pondering over the idea to get a good plot for a ghost story to be given to Jenkins in black and white. Even after thinking a lot about that, he does not get even an inch of idea.

Soon, he gets to see to see something coming out of the wall, first a hand, then a bit of shirt, follow by a leg and a plaid skirt. He finds a woman standing in front of her who is long and angular, having big fish eyes, wearing horn rimmed spectacles with her hair in a tight wad at the back. The woman says that she is the ghost of ‘Helen’ who has got him all the ideas of writing ghost stories in the recent past. She also warns him saying that all the ghosts have decided to go on a strike as they are being troubled by the people unnecessarily misusing the ouija board.

Helen also undermines Hallock’s ability to write ghost stories. According to Helen, it was she who got him all the ideas to write ghost stories. But, now she has decided not to give him any story.

Hallock promises that he will try his level best stop people misusing Ouija board. With this assurance, Helen disappears from there. On the same day, his wife buys and Ouija Board for her hubby’s help to get more ideas about ghosts’ stories. John Hallock objects, but she does not mind keeping it at home. She further adds that she has held an ‘Ouija Board Party’ that night.

On that night, Miss Laura Hinkle who does not have a partner to get in touch with the ghosts (as it requires two people to operate on that Ouija Board) through Ouija Board asks for John Hallow partnership. When they get in touch a ghost namely Helen, (the same woman who came to meet Hallock) Ouija Board starts pointing their fingers to letters such as T R A I T O R.

Every body gets transfixed and starts suspecting John Hallock to have an extra marital affairs with a lady called Helen. Even, Lavinia too, doubts him for cheating on a girl. John tries his level best to convince her but all in vain.

The next morning, Lavinia and Gladolia (their maid) threaten to leave that house forever. Lavinia is leaving because of John Hallow whom she doubts of having an extra marital affair and Gladolia is leaving due to arrangement of such parties (Ouija Board Parties) that entice ghosts to come to their home.

John Hallock wishes he were dead. Soon Helen comes to meet him again but her presence is observed by Lavinia when she enters the room. John never wants her to see the ghost as she is chicken hearted who could even die at a single sight of the ghost.

But Helen discloses everything to Lavinia. Having heard everything Lavinia regrets of suspecting him unnecessarily.

Now Hallock gets the idea of writing a ghost story.


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