Virtually True Summary Class 10 | Chapter 6 | English | Literature Reader |


Virtually True Summary Class 10 | Chapter 6 | English | Literature Reader |

Virtually True Summary Class 10

Virtually True Summary Class 10 : Virtually True centers around narrator’s personal experience of playing psycho drive games and evacuating a boy who got stuck in the game after an accident.

The chapter begins when the narrator (Michael) finds a woman reading a news ‘Miracle Recovery’ highlighting about a boy who has just come out of coma after staying in for a few months. When he reads about the name of that boy ‘Sebastian Shultz’, he is reminded of the same boy whom he had met while playing the games.

Actually Sebastian meets with a motorway accident while travelling. His head bangs against his laptop wherein he was playing the game. As per the narrator, that laptop along with Sebastian’s games are stolen from there by a thief who later sells them off to a computer fair. From that computer fair, these stolen games are bought by the narrator and his father.

When the narrator plays his first game ‘Wild West’ , wherein he becomes a sheriff who has to get hold of black eyed Jed, the fastest gun in the west, he meets one more sheriff namely Sebastian. They both chase that criminal on a horse but Sebastian (the second sheriff) is shot dead by Jed. The game gets over and Michael receives a message wherein he is requested to save Sebastian’s life.

Narrator plays his second game ‘Dragon Quest’ in order to save Sebastian once again where he has to save Princess Aurora and steal all the treasure of the dragon. But in his pursuit of saving her, Sebastian is once again killed by the dragon and the game gets over. Sebastian once again requests michael to play one more game i.e ‘Jail Break’.

In Jail Break, the narrator manages to escape with Sebastian from there. They are chased by the ferocious dogs which make Sebastian fall down from the building. He is again arrested by the police and the game gets over again.

After the game is over, Sebastian once again requests Michael to play for the last time and to save his life. This time, he asks Michael to play ‘War Zone’. Michael accedes to his request and once again gets ready to play the last game. He once again finds himself with Sebastian among the tanks and all the rubble. A helicopter is called for the help. Michael manages to reach there but Sebastian fails to do so. Finally, Sebastian’s jeep is struck by a tank from the back which takes him to the air & he manages to reach helicopter almost flown in the air. They both succeed in escaping from there.

On the other hand, Sebastian comes out of coma. Now, Michael receives a message being thanked by Sebastian for saving his life. He also assures Michael that they will be meeting soon.

In the end, the narrator assures that it is the real incident which happened to him.

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