Patol Babu Class 10 Summary | Chapter 5 | Literature Reader | English Core |

Patol Babu Class 10 Summary | Chapter 5 | Literature Reader | English Core |

Patol Babu Class 10 Summary

Patol Babu Class 10 Summary : This chapter revoloves around Patol Babu who is a very meticulous, fiftyish, bald headed and a middle-aged man. One day when he is about to leave his home when Mr. Nishikanto Ghosh (neighbour) reaches there and offers him a role of an absent minded pedestrian in a movie being produced by his brother-in-law namely Naresh Dutt. At first, he is startled but later on, he accepts the role of the character which suits his personality as per Nishikanto Ghosh.

As far as Patol Babu’s career was concerned, he started his career from a railway factory but soon he was offered a higher salaried job as a clerk in Hudson and Kimberley. He worked there for nine years but due to war retrenchment, he had to lose his job. After that, he decided to setup some other business but all in vain. He tried his hand in theatre as well where he was considered the most versatile actors of his times. People rushed to watch him act from long distance.

He is given the time and place where the shooting has to take place. On reaching there, he gets to have his dialogue i.e a monosyllable ‘Oh !’. Besides, he had to utter this after he had collided with Chanchal Kumar, the main lead of the movie. At first, he seems very despondent but soon he recalls the words of his mentor Mr. Pakrashi who had advised him not to take job, work or role as small but hold it seriously. He accepts the role and rehearses it. During his rehearsal, he finds various meaning of the same monosyllable and understands the significance of that word.

He seeks for some time to rehearse but refused by Mr. Barren Mullick seeing the dark clouds approaching. He wanted to shoot the whole scene under the clear sky.

He adds some effects to his role by putting on a moustache and holding a newspaper in his hand to make his role mire original and authentic. Moreover, when he collides with Chanchal Kumar, he gets hit but does not object. For him, his role was more important than the money which he did not take and left without taking it. Patol Babu was very satisfied with his role in the end.

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