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The Frog and the Nightingale Poem Summary

The Frog and the Nightingale Poem : This poem revolves around a frog which lives at a sumac tree and disturbs all his neighbouring creatures with his crass cacophony. He is hit with sticks, bricks nevertheless he sings on and on. Once a nightingale comes and sits on the same tree where the frog is used to singing. She sings so beautifully in her melodious voice that every one around there gets attracted to her voice. They not only appreciate her singing but also encourage her to sing again and again.

The frog, who is jealous of nightingale’s singing, asserts his importance calling himself as the owner of that sumac tree and a critic who knows very well how to lay trills. He even talks about his writing ability and declares himself as a writer as well as composer. The frog finds some loopholes in nightingale’s training and emphasises on the training that she requires in order to be a perfect singer. (To be given by Frog himself)

The nightingale gets influenced and considers him as a Mozart in disguise. She starts taking training from the ‘untrained’ frog. They practice and sing from dusk to dawn. Even, Frog charges from the creatures who come to listen to her singing. Besides, he starts charging from the nightingale.

He makes her sing even in the wondrous cold which makes that nightingale tired of her throat. He insists on her to sing louder and clear in order to earn more and more money but all in vain. Having been tired of listening to her hoarse voice, creatures stop coming to listen to her singing. As a result, the sales crash which makes the frog filled with rage.

The frog, being despondent and angry, orders her to lay more trills and sing with energy and power by puffing her lungs. She puffs her lungs, while doing so one of her veins gets burst and she dies on the spot. After her death, frog calls her brainless and a stupid creature. Once again, the creatures have to listen to her crass cacophony.


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