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Ozymandias Short Summary

Ozymandias Short Summary : Ozymandias, written by P.B.Shelly, the poet, sarcastically, makes fun of those kings who got their statues erected in order to flaunt their powers, wealth and supremacy. But, with the passage of time, they not only lost their charm but also their statues which got overturned by the wasteful wars and the broils happened after they had gone out of power.

In this poem, the poet meets a traveller from and antique land who tells the poet about two vast trunkless legs and a half sunk face which are left isolated in a big desert. According to him, the facial expression of that king were as if he were angry or commanding his subjects to do something angrily. The sculptor who has made it, has copied the same expressions of the arrogant king and expressed them on his statue very artistically.

The traveller also discusses about some of the words written on the pedestal of Ozymandias statue. “My name is Ozymandias. I am the king of kings. You all look at my works and despair.” These words clearly indicate the arrogance of the king who did a lot for his subjects but could not live in the hearts of others. But nothing remains now. The king has lost his arrogance whereas his statue has lost its glory.

The poet makes it very clear that power is temporary which should not be misused. He does not convey his message straight forwardly but through a person namely ‘traveller’ in this poem.

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