Analytical Paragraph Writing Class 10 | Paragraph writing Format |


Analytical Paragraph Writing Class 10 | Paragraph writing Format 

Keeping writing skills of students in mind, CBSE has added a new type of paragraph to the writing section. It is called an analytical paragraph. In this post, we will teach you about analytical paragraph, its features and samples.

What is Analytical Paragraph?

An analytical paragraph is a kind of writing that is used to describe information based on a chart, graph, data, outline, clues, table, etc. While writing an analytical paragraph, it is important to be clear and concise in our description of the facts. We should also make sure that we cover all the information provided. The paragraph must be written in a clear language in around 100-125 words.


Features of Analytical Paragraph Writing

  1. It briefly explicates the given table, data, chart, graph etc.
  2. It should be point to  point, brief and clear
  3. It must contains the facts of the given material such as: table, data, chart, graph etc.
  4. It’s language should be simple or easy to understand.
  5. It’s must not have one’s personal opinion, observation or response
  6. It must have the use of both active and passive voice in 70:30 ratio.

Format of Analytical Paragraph Writing

Format of Analytical Paragraph is divided into three parts.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body of the paragraph
  3. Conclusion

(Briefly Explicate/Define the subject of the graph/chart given)

Body of the Paragraph
(Elaborate what the graph/chart is all about, use relevant facts and figures, make comparisons

(Conclude the paragraph shedding light on overall view or summary of the graph)


Sample of Analytical Paragraph Writing

Question 1 : According to a recent survey, people in the present generation spend a lot of time using computers and the internet. People use the internet for different purposes, with some using it more than others. The following bar graph shows the percentage of people who use the internet for different purposes. Write an analytical paragraph for the below given bar chart in about 100-120 words.

Answer : The bar graph shows how people use computers and the internet. About 50% of the population uses it every day, including for school, personal, work, and to have fun. The most popular way to use e-mail is for work. About 58% of students do this every day. But only 8-9% do it at school once a month or less often. Internet usage is still not as common as writing by hand or on paper for communication with others since e-mails are not always sent by people because many ways exist to communicate with others now that are much easier than before. In conclusion, 5% of people never use computers or do anything else related to them.

Question 2 : Global weather is warming which is leading to Arctic meltdown. Study the following pie chart and write a brief analytical paragraph on factors affecting global warming in about 100-120 words.

Analytical Paragraph Writing Class 10

Answer : Analytical Paragraph Writing Class 10


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