Tips For Learning English | Ten Easy Ways To Learn English |


Tips For Learning English Easily | Ten Easy Ways To Learn English |

10 Tips for Learning English : In this highly competitive world and amid cut-throat competition where English language has been an indispensable part of one’s life, it is often seen that English learners fail to speak fluent English despite choosing one of the best coaching centers of their region, putting in their innumerable efforts and trying their level best. They join different centers with an aspiration to become a fluent speaker but everything goes in vain after a short while which wastes not only their money but precious time also. To solve their dilemmas, let us give you some tips that can help you learn English.             

Hire a Professional Teacher

If you really want to learn how to speak fluent English, you should stop chasing highly inflammatory ads pretending and showing off to teach English in 90 days or fewer, rather you should look for a professional and experienced teacher with a proven track record. Learning English is a life-long process and takes time which a learner should always keep in mind. On the other hand,  hiring a professional teacher can cost slightly dearly but you will have more chances to learn than learning from novices. Always remember that “High Wind Blow on High Hills”, so choose a professional mentor if you seriously want to learn how to speak English.

Read as Much as You Can

The best way among all other ways to learn English is to read as much as you can, Start your life-long investment buying books and reading them sparing time everyday at least for half an hour. Besides, if no book found around you, you can easily buy an English newspaper or a magazine from any nook and corner and read it. This style of reading can bring a lot of transition in your speaking skills. Start befriending books and unfriending those who inspire you the least.

Watch English Movies/Listen to YouTube Videos

Another way of learning fluent English is to watch Hollywood movies/YouTube videos in English time and again. Whenever you sit or spare time to watch a Hollywood movie, turn on your headphones and try to ape by speaking whatever they are uttering in the movie/video. This will not only help you enriching your vocabulary but build up your intonation and teach you word stress too. Believe us, you will get to see a lot of change in your verbal ability if you follow this way. Remember that you can never speak without listening.

Reserve a Day for English

The best method to improve your speaking ability is to reserve a day for English only. Choose any of the day from the week be it Sunday, Monday or Friday and make sure you don’t even utter a single word of your mother tongue in the entire day unless it is highly-required or needed. This way, you can enhance your speaking skills and feel the difference in you. If stuck anywhere, take permission from yourself and speak little bit of your local language. 

Surround yourself with people who speak English

As goes the saying “You become what you live around with”,  start surrounding yourself with the people who converse or speak English fluently. Look for people who are good at speaking English, renew your contact with them. If not found around you, try getting in touch with your English language teachers at school, start spend time and find vivid reasons to talk to them. This way, you can bring a transition in your speaking abilities.

Travel a Lot

Now you would ask what travelling has got to do with speaking English, it has. One who travels a lot, has more chances to meet new people than the one who doesn’t travel or hardly travels. When you come across new people, you get to know about them through communication especially people from abroad who barely know how to talk. When you speak to them, you learn new things. Therefore, in order to learn English, you need to meet newer people.

Be an Initiator

Never be afraid of any language. Whenever you go anywhere and come across people on your way, put up as many questions as you can in English without worrying about what others think about you. Never hesitate telling about you and knowing about others if you really want to learn English quickly. Try to express yourself more if you really wish to succeed in your mission of learning English.

Keep a Note of Vocabulary

Another important way of learning English is to keep a note of words/phrases/patterns for enriching your vocabulary. In order to speak basic English, one should have access to minimum 4000 words. If you make of note of newer words/phrases/patterns, you can easily manage to enrich your vocabulary in a short span of time.

Stop Memorising

People who are learning English often tend to memorise the words/sentences (in order to be fluent) or have pre-planned questions in their mind. In fact, some of the so-called best coaching centers insist on their rote learning. This habit of theirs can limit their ability to limited structures, sentences and conversation. Be free and speak whatever you want without much worrying of rules.

Don’t Try to be Perfect

Most of the people fail in learning English for they get so engaged in following grammatical rules and regulations that they end up creating interstices for them. One must be free from mind and other wandering thoughts before embarking on a conversation. Therefore, speak you mind out if you really want to learn English.

Vocabulary Notes

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