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Who is the Richest Teacher in India? | Richest Teacher in India |

In India, teaching is considered to be national service not a job. Although it does not offer much to earn yet a service full or respect, honour and satisfaction. You will hardly find a rich teacher (By money) if hail from India. But, leaving all the research and theories behind, one of teachers has managed to rise above this belief and proved his mettle.

Richest Teacher of India

Mr. Byju Raveendran is the most successful and wealthiest teacher in India. Born at Azhikode, a coastal town situated in Kannaur, one of the districts of Kerala. He completed his B. Tech from the Government college of Kannaur and later joined as a service engineer in one of the multi-national shipping companies. Being dissatisfied from his job, he continued his passion of teaching the students launching BYJU’s Classes in 2007. Within few years, with the help of his wife (Divya Gokulnath), he established BYJU’s in 2011 and never looked back since then. Heis no longer a teacher because he became very rich, but he still holds the position of being the wealthiest teacher of India. Mr. Byju Raveendran came from teaching in a classroom to becoming a billionaire not mentioning that this proud man is one of India’s youngest billionaires. This school teacher has an estimated net worth of over 2 billion dollars this year. If we combine both Mr. Byju Raveendran and his wife’s net worth, it is beyond US$3 Billion.

One more feather was added to their cap in April 2021 when they bought Akash Educational Service Ltd. for nearly US$ 1 Billion. 

All the teachers must learn from Mr. Byju Raveendran that nothing is impossible if one wishes. He is a exemplary whose story can encourage millions of teachers teaching in India. With his optimistic and motivational story, every teacher can dream of being rich and earn as much as one wants.

Who is the Richest Teacher in India

Range of Teachers’ Salary In India

  1. Primary Teacher : Rs. 8k to 50k Per month
  2. Trained Graduate Teacher : Rs. 10k to 50k Per month
  3. Post Graduate Teacher : 25k to 300k Per month

Note : A teacher’s salary in India is determined by the institution. It varies from teacher to teacher based on their experience, quality of teaching and location. 

Keep working hard and act smartly. Believe me, You can also be the next Richest Teacher of India.

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