Recommendation Letter Sample for Students in College Application


Recommendation Letter Sample for Students in College Application

If you are a student and looking for a recommendation letter from teacher, this is a guide that will help you do that. This is an example of a letter of recommendation for college. Let’s have a look at the sample given below. But before we move on let’s know what a letter of recommendation is.

What is a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a letter that someone writes on behalf of an applicant to give his/her personal assurance of person’s educational or professional performance. This letter is written by someone who knows the applicant best. This type of letter is usually given by teacher to his/her student to be sent to someone considering an applicant for admission, employment or any scholarship.

Importance of Recommendation Letters?

Most admissions officers at four-year colleges, especially private schools, say that they are looking for a sense of the “whole person.” They want to know about the student’s intellectual and personal qualities. This is why recommendation letters and the student’s essay are so important. They can help show who the student is as a person. Recommendations from teachers are important for teachers know their students well. This letter says the student is good at things and highlights how smart that students is to get accepted to any school.

Sample of Recommendation Letter


To Whom It May Concern

Letter of Recommendation

It’s a great pleasure to recommend Sukrit Sachdeva whom I taught English Literature for two consecutive years. The duration of our interaction gave me innumerable opportunities to gauge his potential and caliber. A quick learner, sincere and having industrious mind, Sukrit has always demonstrated tremendous growth in the past two years. He has the combination of optimism and firm belief whereby he can always improve which is essential to the learning process.

He is an innovative and creative thinker who views everything from a new perspective and goes into the depth of the matter voluntarily. From the very first day of the class, he impressed me with his ability to be articulate about difficult concepts and texts, sensitivity to the nuances within literature and his passion for reading, writing and creating expressive contents. In addition to this, he is a voracious reader and has a keen quest for new vocabulary and terminologies. He writes, beautifully and contextually, weaving the magical web of words with a style i.e. simple to comprehend and relate to. His exceptional performance is a direct result of hard work and vehement focus. I have long been impressed by his outstanding organization skills and work ethics. Besides, he is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favourable results despite deadline pressure. He has been an active member of MUN and a zealous participant in English debates, declamations and essay writing competitions.

His personal strengths are as impressive as his intellectual accomplishments. His amicability, coupled with his sensitivity is admired by his classmates. His remarkable resilience in dealing with difficult conditions is indeed commendable.

Sukrit is trustworthy, reliable and conscientious student who has proved to be a valuable asset to his institution. I am certain, Sukrit will be one of the most promising students if he gets an opportunity to join your esteemed institution.


(Teacher’s Name)



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