Extract Based Questions of The Ghat of the Only World | Chapter 6 |


Extract Based Questions of The Ghat of the Only World | MCQ of The Ghat of the Only World

Extracts of The Ghat of the Only World

Extract 1

The first time that Agha Shahid Ali spoke to me about his approaching death was on 25 April 2001. The conversation began routinely. I had telephoned to remind him that we had been invited to a friend’s house for lunch and that I was going to come by his apartment to pick him up. Although he had been under treatment for cancer for some fourteen months, Shahid was still on his feet and perfectly lucid, except for occasional lapses of memory.

a) Name the chapter.
1) Mother’s Day

2) The Ghat of the Only World

3) Birth

4) The Tale of the Melon City

b) Who is the author of The Ghat of the Only World?
1) Amitav Ghosh
2) Vikram Seth
3) J.B. Priestley
4) William Saroyan

c) Where did Shahid Ali hail from?
1) Hyderabad
2) Uttar Pradesh
3) Kashmir
4) Barcelona

d) What was Shahid Ali suffering from?
1) Tuberculosis
2) Cancer
3) Covid
4) Paralysis

a. The Ghat of the Only World b. Amitav Ghosh c. Kashmir d. Cancer

Extract 2

His head was shaved and the shape of the tumour was visible upon his bare scalp, its edges outlined by metal sutures. When it was time to leave the ward a blue-uniformed hospital escort arrived with a wheelchair. Shahid waved him away, declaring that he was strong enough to walk out of the hospital on his own. But he was groggier than he had thought and his knees buckled after no more than a few steps.

a) What is suture?
1) Thread used in tying the wound
2) Wheelchair
3) Stairs
4) Boils

b) Which of the following adjectives describes Shahid Ali in one word?
1) Pessimistic
2) Optimistic
3) Rustic
4) Barbarian

c) Why did Shahid Ali forbid to take any help from the ward?
1) For he had self respect
2) For he was too rich
3) For he was able to handle himself
4) For he wanted to show off

d) What does the word ‘groggier’ mean?
1) Confused
2) Dazed
3) Slow to react
4) All of these

a. Thread used in tying the wound b. Optimistic c. For he was able to handle himself d. All of these


Extract 3

No matter how many people there were, Shahid was never so distracted as to lose track of the progress of the evening’s meal. From time to time he would interrupt himself to shout directions to whoever was in the kitchen: ‘yes, now, add the dahi now.’ Even when his eyesight was failing, he could tell from the smell alone, exactly which stage the rogan josh had reached. And when things went exactly as they should, he would sniff the air and cry out loud: ‘Ah! Khana ka kya mehek hai!

a) Which cuisine was one of the favourites of Shahid Ali?
1) Butter Chicken
2) Rogan Josh
3) Chicken Biryani
4) Lemon Chicken

b) How would he help his friends making Rogan Josh?
1) Watching videos from Youtube
2) Telling his friends about the cooking stage of the cuisine
3) Standing in the kitchen and helping with the spices
4) Sharing recipes through video calls

c) How could Shahid find out the progress of the meal being cooked?
1) With its smell
2) Crying out loud
3) Sniff his friend’s shirt
4) Sniffing the books

d) What was Shahid losing bit by bit?
1) His smell
2) His senses
3) His vision
4) His friends

a. Rogan Josh b. Telling his friends about the cooking stage of the cuisine c. With its smell d. His vision

Extract 4

He had a special passion for the food of his region, one variant of it in particular: ‘Kashmiri food in the Pandit style’. I asked him once why this was so important to him and he explained that it was because of a recurrent dream, in which all the Pandits had vanished from the valley of Kashmir and their food had become extinct. This was a nightmare that haunted him and he returned to it again and again, in his conversation and his poetry.

a) What does the word ‘Nightmare’ mean?
1) Good dream
2) Bad dream
3) Sweet dream
4) None of these

b) What happened to the kashmiri pandits living in the valley?
1) They had been given money to leave
2) They had left Kashmir voluntarily
3) They had been thrown out of Kashmir mercilessly
4) All of the above

c) Where did Shahid mention his pain for Kashmiri Pandits?
1) In his articles
2) In his blogs
3) In his poetry
4) All of the above

d) Which of the following had been composed by Shahid Ali?
1) The Country without a Post Office
2) Mad Heart Be Brave
3) Both 1 and 2
4) Neither 1 nor 2

a. Bad dream b. They had been thrown out of Kashmir mercilessly c. In his poetry d. Both 1 and 2

Extract 5

No matter what the question, Shahid worked poetry into his answer. Finally, the exasperated woman asked: ‘Are you carrying anything that could be dangerous to the other passengers?’ At this Shahid clapped a hand to his chest and cried: ‘Only my heart.’

a) Where was Shahid stopped for enquiry?
1) Srinagar Airport
2) Barcelona Airport
3) Delhi Airport
4) Amritsar Airport

b) What does the word ‘Exasperated’ mean?
1) Annoyed
2) Irritated
3) Peeved
4) All of the above

c) What was the dangerous thing Shahid carrying according to him?
1) A gun
2) A bomb
3) His heart
4) His mind

d) How would Shahid respond the all the questions put up from him?
1) Ruthlessly
2) Angrily
3) Poetically
4) Meticulously

a. Barcelona Airport b. All of the above c. His heart d. Poetically

Extract 6

‘I would like to go back to Kashmir to die.’ His voice was quiet and untroubled. ‘Now I have to get my passport, settle my will and all that. I don’t want to leave a mess for my siblings. But after that I would like to go to Kashmir. It’s still such a feudal system there and there will be so much support— and my father is there too. Anyway, I don’t want my siblings to have to make the journey afterwards, like we had to with my mother.’

a) What was Shahid’s last wish?
1) He wanted to write a novel
2) He wanted to die in Barcelona
3) He wanted to die in Kashmir
4) He wanted Amitav Ghosh to write a new novel

b) What does the word ‘Siblings’ mean?
1) A person’s brother
2) A person’s sister
3) Both 1 and 2
4) Neither 1 nor 2

c) What did Shahid want Amitav to do after his death?
1) To transfer his will to his siblings
2) To transfer all his property to his father
3) To write about him posthumously
4) All of the above

d) Where did Shahid Ali have his last breath?
1) Srinagar
2) Kashmir
3) Australia
4) None of these

a. He wanted to die in Kashmir b. Both 1 and 2 c. To write about him posthumously d. None of these

Extract 7

He was initially hesitant to tell his parents, but when he did they responded with an enthusiasm equal to his own. His mother bought him murtis and other accoutrements and for a while he was assiduous in conducting pujas at this shrine. This was a favourite story. ‘Whenever people talk to me about Muslim fanaticism,’ he said to me once, ‘ I tell them how my mother helped me make a temple in my room.’

a) What was Shahid’s hesitant to do?
1) To set up a mosque in his house
2) To set up a church in his house
3) To set up a temple in his house
4) To set up a Gurudwara in his house

b) Who supported him in setting up a temple in his house?
1) His mother
2) His father
3) His brother
4) Both 1 and 2

c) What is ‘Shrine’ ?
1) A place of worship
2) A place of playing football
3) A place to travel with friends
4) A place to wander aimlessly

d) Why was Shahid doubtful about setting up a temple in his house?
1) For he thought his parents would object
2) For he thought his community would object
3) For he thought people of his race would object
4) All of these

a. To set up a temple in his house b. Both 1 and 2 c. A place of worship d. All of these

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