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Extracts of Going Places

Extract 1

“When I leave,” Sophie said, coming home from school, “I’m going to have a boutique.” Jansie, linking arms with her along the street; looked doubtful. “Takes money, Soaf, something like that.” “I’ll find it,” Sophie said, staring far down the street. “Take you a long time to save that much.” “Well I’ll be a manager then — yes, of course — to begin with. Till I’ve got enough. But anyway, I know just how it’s all going to look.” “They wouldn’t make you manager straight off, Soaf.”

a) Name the chapter.
1) Poets and Pancakes
2) The Interview
3) Going Places
4) Memories of Childhood

b) Who is the author of Going Places?
1) Alphonse Daudet
2) Tishani Doshi
3) Jack Finney
4) A.R. Barton

c) Who wanted to open a boutique?
1) Sophie
2) Jansie
3) Geoff
4) Derek

d) Where were Jansie and Sophie earmarked for?
1) Boutique
2) Beauty Parlour
3) Biscuit Factory
4) Royce’s Window


a. Going Places b. A.R. Barton c. Sophie d. Biscuit Factory

Extract 2

He was kneeling on the floor in the next room tinkering with a part of his motorcycle over some newspaper spread on the carpet. He was three years out of school, an apprentice mechanic, travelling to his work each day to the far side of the city. He was almost grown up now, and she suspected areas of his life about which she knew nothing, about which he never spoke. He said little at all, ever, voluntarily. Words had to be prized out of him like stones out of the ground. And she was jealous of his silence.

a) Who is ‘He’ in the first line?
1) Derek
2) Geoff
3) Sophie’s Father
4) Danny Casey

b) What was Geoff by profession?
1) Property Dealer
2) Motor Mechanic
3) Plumber
4) Manual Labourer

c) Why was Sophie jealous of Geoff’s silence?
1) For he shared everything with Sophie
2) For he never shared anything with Sophie
3) For he shared everything with his family
4) For he shared nothing with Derek

d) Which of the following is the synonym of ‘Apprentice’?
1) Novice
2) Learner
3) Prentice
4) All of these


a. Geoff b. Motor Mechanic c. For he never shared anything with Sophie d. All of these

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Extract 3

“It was nothing like that, Geoff  it was me spoke first. When I saw who it was, I said, “Excuse me, but aren’t you Danny Casey?” And he looked sort of surprised. And he said, “Yes, that’s right.” And I knew it must be him because he had the accent, you know, like when they interviewed him on the television. So I asked him for an autograph for little Derek, but neither of us had any paper or a pen. So then we just talked a bit. About the clothes in Royce’s window. He seemed lonely. After all, it’s a long way from the west of Ireland.

a) Whom did Sophie meet at the arcade?
1) Derek
2) Geoff
3) Danny Casey
4) None of these

b) Why could Sophie not take Casey’s autograph?
1) For she had no pen
2) For she had no paper
3) Both 1 and 2
4) Neither 1 nor 2

c) Which country did Casey play for?
1) India
2) Australia
3) Ireland
4) South Africa

d) Where had Sophie seen Danny Casey according to her?
1) At Royce’s shop
2) At Royce’s Gate
3) At Royce’s Window
4) None of these


a. Danny Casey b. Both 1 and 2 c. Ireland d. At Royce’s Window

Extract 4

On Saturday they made their weekly pilgrimage to watch United. Sophie and her father and little Derek went down near the goal Geoff, as always, went with his mates higher up. United won two-nil and Casey drove in the second goal, a blend of innocence and Irish genius, going round the two big defenders on the edge of the penalty area, with her father screaming for him to pass, and beating the hesitant goalkeeper from a dozen yards. Sophie glowed with pride. Afterwards Geoff was ecstatic.

a) What was the weekly pilgrimage of Sophie’s family?
1) To eat out together
2) To watch cricket match together
3) To watch soccer together
4) To spend time together at weekend

b) Which team did Casey play for?
1) United
2) Arsenal
3) Dolphin Club
4) None of these

c) Who scored the second goal of the match?
1) Geoff
2) Derek
3) Casey
4) Sophie’s father

d) What does the word ‘ecstatic’ mean?
1) Very sad
2) Very angry
3) Very happy
4) Very tired


a. To watch soccer together b. United c. Casey d. Very happy

Extract 5

Sophie glared at the ground. Damn that Geoff, this was a Geoff thing not a Jansie thing. It was meant to be something special just between them. Something secret. It wasn’t a Jansie kind of thing at all. Tell gawky Jansie something like that and the whole neighbourhood would get to know it. Damn that Geoff, was nothing sacred? “It’s a secret meant to be.” “I’ll keep a secret, Soaf, you know that.” “I wasn’t going to tell anyone. There’ll be a right old row if my dad gets to hear about it.” Jansie blinked. “A row? I’d have thought he’d be chuffed as anything.”

a) How did Jansie get to know about Sophie’s meeting?
1) She was told by her brother
2) She was told by Sophie’s brother
3) She was told by Derek
4) She was told by Sophie’s father

b) Why did Sophie not want Jansie to know about her meeting?
1) For she could spread the news everywhere
2) For she could tell Geoff about that
3) For she could inform their Principal
4) None of these

c) What does the word ‘Gawky’ mean?
1) Awkward
2) Good looking
3) Ravishing 
4) None of these

d) Which secret did Jansie not want to disclose?
1) about her watching soccer match
2) about her meeting with Geoff
3) about her meeting with Danny Casey
4) All of these


a. She was told by her brother b. For she could spread the news everywhere c. Awkward d. About her meeting with Danny Casey

Extract 6

It was a place she had often played in when she was a child. There was a wooden bench beneath a solitary elm where lovers sometimes came. She sat down to wait. It was the perfect place, she had always thought so, for a meeting of this kind. For those who wished not to be observed. She knew he would approve. For some while, waiting, she imagined his coming. She watched along the canal, seeing him come out of the shadows, imagining her own consequent excitement. Not until some time had elapsed did she begin balancing against this the idea of his not coming.

a) Who had decided the place for Sophie’s meeting?
1) Derek
2) Geoff
3) Casey
4) She herself

b) Why did Casey not come to meet Sophie?
1) For he was busy
2) For he wanted Sophie to wait more
3) For he didn’t love Sophie
4) For he didn’t know Sophie and about her meeting

c) Which place did Sophie choose for her meeting with Casey?
1) Royce’s Window
2) Under an elm tree near the canal
3) A bar
4) A restaurant

d) What kind of a girl was Sophie?
1) Practical
2) Narrow-minded
3) Savvy
4) Daydreamer


a. She herself b. For he didn’t know Sophie and about her meeting c. Under an elm tree near the canal d. Daydreamer

Extract 7

His eyes are on the same level as your own. His nose is freckled and turns upwards slightly, and when he smiles he does so shyly, exposing teeth with gaps between. His eyes are green, and when he looks straight at you they seem to shimmer. They seem gentle, almost afraid. Like a gazelle’s. And you look away. You let his eyes run over you a little. And then you come back to find them, slightly breathless.

a) What does the word ‘Freckled’ mean?
1) Covered with blackish spots
2) Covered with whitish spots
3) Covered with brownish spots
4) None of these

b) Who had the gaps between his teeth?
1) Geoff
2) Derek
3) Sophie’s father
4) None of these

c) Whom was Sophie fantasizing about?
1) Danny Carlos
2) Danny Caroline
3) Danny Casey
4) Danny Dehua

d) Which literary device has been used in ‘Like a Gazelle’s’?
1) Personification
2) Alliteration
3) Simile
4) Metaphor


a. Covered with brownish spots b. None of these c. Danny Casey d. Simile


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