CHAPTER-6, MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD (Long Answer Type Question)

Memories of Childhood (Long Answer Type Questions)

Q1. Racial and Caste discrimination still exist in our country. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons.

There is no doubt that racial and caste discrimination still exists in our country. Some people discriminate with others on the basis of their caste of some on the basis of their race. The concept of untouchability is still followed in our country where people look down upon those people who belong to scheduled or lower caste. As we see in this chapter how Bama and Zitkala become the victims of Caste and Racial discrimination. Bama who belongs to a lower caste and whose community is not allowed to touch the things of upper class people. Zitkala-sa whose hair is cut in spite of her approval because she belongs to a different race. Both of them have to bear injustice due to their race and caste. Seeing their experiences and brutality on them, we can say that both discriminations are still followed in our country.

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