Hornbill Class 11 Solutions | Chapter-Wise Notes | Term 1 | Term 2 |

The second prescribed book for class 11 English is Hornbill. There are eight chapters in Hornbill along with three well-composed poems. All the chapters and poems have been elaborated comprehensively with their Summaries, Short Answer Type Questions, Long Answer Type Questions and Multiple Choice Questions in the links given below. In order to score higher

English Grammar For Class 9 | Exercises for Practice | Solutions | MCQ |

Grammar in English is really important when it comes to competitive exams. There is hardly any exam that doesn't test your grammatical skills. Though, in English, there are many important grammatical topics such as; Tenses, Modals, Determiners, Subject Verb Concord/Agreement, Reported Speech, Preposition, Adjectives, Conditionals etc. but out of these, the most important topic is
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