Class 8 English Syllabus CBSE NCERT HBSE


Class 8 English Syllabus CBSE NCERT HBSE

English is the most common language in the world. People who do not speak English have a hard time communicating with teachers, friends, and others. The CBSE Class 8 Syllabus of English covers poetry, prose, grammar and composition. Understanding the latest curriculum for the academic year 2021-2022 will help students be more confident when writing their exam. English is a scoring subject for Class 8 CBSE students if they have good writing skills and proper grammar knowledge.

It is good for students to study the CBSE syllabus and to also start studying from NCERT textbooks. Experts at BrainyLads have provided NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English (Honeydew & So It Happened). These will help students learn better. It will help them figure out their questions quickly and plan their studies in advance. Students should use NCERT Class 8 English Grammar and get good marks on tests.

Syllabus for Class 8 English (Honeydew)

Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Present in the World

Poem: The Ant and the Cricket

Chapter 2: The Tsunami

Poem: Geography Lesson

Chapter 3: Glimpses of the Past

Poem: Macavity -The Mystery Cat

Chapter 4: Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

Poem: The Last Bargain

Chapter 5: The Summit Within

Poem: The School Boy

Chapter 6: This is Jody’s Fawn

Poem: The Duck and the Kangaroo

Chapter 7: A Visit to Cambridge

Poem: When I set out for Lyonnesse

Chapter 8: A Short Monsoon Diary

Poem: On the Grasshopper and Cricket

Chapter 9: The Great Stone Face- I

Chapter 10: The Great Stone Face- II

Syllabus for Class 8 English (So It Happened)

Chapter 1: How the Camel got his Hump

Chapter 2: Children at Work

Chapter 3: The Selfish Giant

Chapter 4: The Treasure within

Chapter 5: Princess September

Chapter 6: The Fight

Chapter 7: The Open Window

Chapter 8: Jalebis

Chapter 9: The Comet- I

Chapter 10: The Comet- II

Chapter 11: Ancient Education System of India

Syllabus for Class 8 English (Grammar)

a. Order of Words and Clauses

b. Direct and Indirect Speech

c. Active and Passive Voice

d. Tenses

e. Noun

f. Pronoun

g. Verb

h. Adverb

i. Prepositions

j. Conjunction

k. Phrases and Idioms

l. Vocabulary

m. Comprehension Reading

Syllabus for Class 8 English (Writing Section)

a. Notice Writing

b. Story Writing

c. Formal and Informal Letters

d. Diary Entry

e. Essay Writing

You may also go through syllabus of Class 9 English, Class 10 English, Class 11 English & Class 12 English.

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