Poem on Mothers Day | A Gift to Mother | Original Composition |


Poem on Mothers Day | A Gift to Mother | Original Composition |

Mother’s Day: It’s rightly said that there is no one who can replace our mother in this world. She is the one who makes our day with her beautiful smile and sets us right with her perfect advice. There are innumerable qualities of a mother which are hard to elaborate but there is a day, for her, to celebrate. Let’s celebrate this beautiful day with a pious poem.

Mother’s Day is celebrated to show immense love to all the beautiful ladies who sacrifice their everything for their children be it their life or any other important thing. To honour every mother on this earth, two students of Rewari have composed a beautiful poem for their mother and sent them to us. It’s indeed an honour for us to share those beautifully-knitted words with all of you. We request you to share this as much as possible and make this day one of the most beautiful day of your life.

Poem 1 

Mother is my life,

Mother is my soul,

Mother is my love,

Who plays a vital role.


She is a woman, who cooks for me

Works for me and cares for me,

Oh My God! I can’t find a day

When she doesn’t look after me.


When I come in her soft arms,

Believe me, I forget all my pain

And relax my stressful brain,

As she is the one who never does me any harm.


My life is for her,

My handwork is for her,

My dream is for her,

Who is known as ‘MY MOTHER’


I must respect her love rays,

I should salute her selfless prays,

Who never wanted any fame,

Sacrificed her life in creating my name.

Poem 2

If there is anyone in this world who can love you the most,

 Then it is your Mother

If anyone can take care of you the most in this world,

 Then it is your Mother

If anyone can overcome all your grief and pain in this world

Then it is your Mother

If anyone can make the most delicious food for you in this world……

 Then it is your Mother

If anyone is your best friend in this world,

   Then it is your Mother

If the best place in this world is for you to sleep

             Then it is your Mother‘s lap

If there is someone most beautiful in this world,

    Then it is your Mother.


Inspirational Stories to be Read

  1. Respect your Parents
  2. Be Honest to your Work
  3. Have Faith in Others
  4. Stop Being Negative
  5. Realise Your Worth
  6. Everything Happens for a Reason
  7. Love Your Mother
  8. Hone Your Skills Daily
  9. Family is Important
  10. Be positive


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