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The Snake Trying Summary

The Snake Trying Summary: This poem revolves around snakes which are thought of as frightening symbols of death. But in this poem, the snake is seen as a victim himself. The snake tries to escape from being hit by humans who are trying to kill him. The snake tries to hide behind green bushes to save himself. The poet conveys a beautiful message that our reasoning often misleads us. Snakes are creations of nature, and we fear them because we do not understand the beauty of nature sometimes and tend to kill it when we should not.

Poem & Stanza-Wise Summary of The Snake Trying

The snake trying

to escape the pursuing stick,

with sudden curvings of thin

long body. How beautiful

and graceful are his shapes!

He glides through the water away

from the stroke. O let him go

over the water

into the reeds to hide

without hurt. Small and green

he is harmless even to children.

Along the sand

he lay until observed

and chased away, and now

he vanishes in the ripples

among the green slim reeds.

Stanza-Wise Summary of The Snake Trying

In the first stanza the snake is trying to escape from the man with a stick. The snake moves in an interesting way. He curves and twists his body while he crawls. It looks graceful and elegant when he moves like that.

In the second stanza the snake is in the water and he wants to save himself. He moves without making any noise. The poet asks for people to let him go through the water and hide behind the grasses. The small green snake does not hurt anyone, nor children.

In the last part of the poem, the snake is lying on the ground. He moves away when people come. The snake goes in water by making waves with his body. Then he hides in grasses near or in water.

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Poetic Devices/Literary Devices in The Snake Trying

  1. Personification in ‘He glides through the water’ & ‘O let him go’.
  2. Transferred Epithet in ‘To escape the pursuing stick’
  3. Imagery 

Textual Questions of The Snake Trying

Question 1. What is the snake trying to escape from?
Answer: The snake is trying to escape from the stick. Human beings try their best to kill the snake. People think that the snake is dangerous and tries to kill it.

Question 2. Is it a harmful snake? What is its colour?
Answer: No, it is not harmful. It is a snake of green colour.

Question 3. The poet finds the snake beautiful. Find the words he uses to convey its beauty.
Answer: The poet uses a few words to convey its beauty such as; beautiful and graceful, glides, small and green.

Question 4. What does the poet wish for the snake?
Answer: The poet wants the snake to be allowed to go. He doesn’t want it to be harmed in any way or the other by the men.

Question 5. Where was the snake before anyone saw it and chased it away? Where does the snake disappear?
Answer: The snake was out of its protected area. It was in the sun near the sand. Finally, it disappeared in the reeds.


Short Answer Type Questions of The Snake Trying

Question 1. How does the snake protect itself? What kind of body does it have?
Answer: A snake has a natural instinct to survive. It can smell and see danger, and it can escape safely. The snake moves in sudden curves, gliding through water to protect itself from an attack. A snake has a thin body that is long.

Question 2. How does the poet describe its shapes?
Answer: Even though snakes are dangerous and make people scared, they can also be fascinating. According to the poet, the snake makes shapes that are beautiful and graceful.

Question 3. What does the poet appeal?
Answer: The snake is small and green. It is harmless to children even. The poet is a kind and generous man. He feels sorry for the snake, so it asks that it be allowed to go away safely to its home.

Question 4. Where does the snake vanish?
Answer: The snake does have the instinct to survive. The sudden movements of the snake’s body can help it escape from a stick coming at it. The snake hides among the waves in the watery reeds.

Question 5. Describe the natural beauty of the snake. It the poet fascinated by it?
Answer: The snake is small and green. It has beautiful shapes and moves gracefully. The poet admires the snake because it is not dangerous and is beautiful.

Question 6. How does the snake escape and survive the pursuing stick?
Answer: A stick is pointed at a snake. The snake knows that if it gets hit, it will be hurt. It can see danger coming from its sense of smell and knows how to get away from the stroke by going through the water. It finally disappears in the green slimy reeds.

Long answer type question of The Snake Trying

Question 1. Why does the man want to kill the snake? How does the snake protect itself?
Answer: The man thinks the snake is poisonous. He wants to kill it, so he chases it with a stick. The snake tries to escape at a great pace so that the man can’t catch up and kill it. It moves very gracefully and elegantly–it goes in one direction, then turns around, then heads back to where it came from. Then the snake floats over water and hides itself in some reeds by the water. The snake has an instinct for its survival. The animal sees and smells danger. It knows how to escape and go to a safe place. It moves away from the stick and is not hit by it. The animal finally goes into the green reeds.

Question 2. Why is the poet fascinated by the snake? Why does he want to let it go unhurt into the reeds?
Answer: This poet likes snakes. He thinks they are graceful and beautiful. One snake is small, green, and has a thin body that curves in many different ways. When it moves through the water it looks like an object of grace and beauty. This poet doesn’t want people to attack any more snakes because he likes them so much! The green snake is not poisonous and it can’t hurt kids. Even though it isn’t dangerous, we should appreciate and understand the beauty of the snake.

Value based Question of The Snake Trying

Question 1. Do you agree that a snake does not want to bite a man, it bites a man only when it feels that he is going to kill it?
Answer: I agree with this statement that a snake does not want to bite man. The snake only bites a man if it feels threatened and if a person is going to kill it. But other people think that all snakes are poisonous and they will bite a man on purpose. They want to kill the snake.

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