The Bond of Love Class 9 | Chapter 9 | Beehive | English |


The Bond of Love Class 9 | Chapter 9 | Beehive | English |

Brief Introduction of The Bond of Love

The Bond of Love Class 9 English : The writer once gave the gift of a young bear to his spouse. He was in urban center at that point of time. His spouse was terribly happy to own the tiny beast. She accepted it as a pet. Before long the cub began to drink milk from the used to eat and drink had become a crucial  part of her life. She, too, loved the bear. She named the cub Bruno. Then she modified its name to Baba. The writer’s 2 dogs became friends with the bear. The kids of his tenants would conjointly play with the tiny animal. However once the bear grew up, it became terribly huge in became troublesome to stay him within the house. So, he was sent to the Zoo at Mysore. The writer’s spouse was terribly unhappy. For the primary few days, she wouldn’t eat anything.  Reports came from the Zoo that Baba remained unhappy. 3 months had passed. One day, the author took his spouse to the Zoo. The bear recognized her promptly. He howled blithely. The writer’s spouse was in tears. She needed to require her Baba back home. Both the husband and also the spouse visited the Zoo superintendent and got his permission. He conjointly in agreement to lend them a cage for carrying Baba back to home. An island was created within the writer’s compound. All around it, a dry pit was created. Baba started living on this island. The writer’s spouse may currently visit him whenever she likes to.

Summary of The Bond of Love

Once upon a time the writer was travelling through the fields of sugarcane near Mysore. The wild pigs were being shooed away from the fields. Some of the pigs were escaped and some of them were killed. Suddenly a bear came out. One of the writer’s friends shot at the bear and it fell down. But they were surprised to see the black fur on the back of the fallen bear moved and left it. In fact it was a baby bear. It had been riding on its mother’s back. The mother had been killed. The little one started to run around his mother and made pitiful sound. The writer ran after him. The cub ran into the fields in order to save his life. Writer and his friends followed him. Finally they caught it. The cub tried to escape himself by scratching the writer with its claws. At last the cub was put in a gunny bag.

The writer came back to Bangalore and presented the bear as a gift to his wife. She was happy to have the little bear. She put a ribbon in its neck and named it Bruno after realizing that the baby was a male.

Bruno soon started to take milk from a bottle He started to eat and drink everything. The writer had two Alsatian dogs as pet. Soon the bear became friends with the dogs. The bear was also very amiable (friendly) to all the children of tenants. The bear used to wander around the house without chain. He used to spend his most of the time in playing. He would rush into the kitchen whenever he wanted. He would sleep with us in our beds.

One day an accident happened. The author had put some amount of Barium Carbonate in the library. It was a poison which is used to get rid of rats. Bruno gulped a piece of it. As a result he got paralysis. He was not able to stand on his feet. The author at once rushed to the doctor. The doctor searched the treatment and gave an antidote to reverse the effect of poison. Bruno was kept under observation for 30 minutes but there was no improvement in his condition, then another dose of antidote was given. After another 30 minutes his condition improved and he stood on his legs. After that he had a great feast.

In another incident he swallowed a gallon of old engine oil. But it didn’t have any adverse effect on his health. He remained as healthy as ever.

After some months, Bruno had obtained much in size and height. But he was just as sweet and playful. He was very fond of everyone in the family, especially the writer’s wife. She, too, loved him very much. His name was changed from Bruno to Baba. The word ‘Baba’ means a ‘small boy’.

Baba could do a few tricks, Say to him: ‘Baba wrestle’; he would wrestle with anyone who came forward for it. Say to him: ‘Baba, hold gun’; he would pick up a stick and point it at you.

Ask him: ‘Baba, where’s baby?’; he would take up a stump of wood and cradle it affectionately. Baba was now quite grown up. He was kept chained most of the time. Everyone said that Baba should be given to the zoo at Mysore. The writer’s wife agreed to it most unwillingly. A cage had been sent from the zoo and Baba was packed off. Everyone missed Baba greatly. For the first few days, the writer’s wife wept all the time. She would not eat anything. She wrote a number of letters to the zoo to know how Baba was.

Anyone who went to Mysore was requested to go to the zoo and see how Baba was. Everyone reported that Baba was well but looked sad and thin. One day, after three months, the writer’s wife said, “I must see Baba.  She warned the author to go by bus or train if he refuses to take her by the car. So the writer took her by car. Everyone had guessed that the bear would not recognize her. But the bear at once recognized her. He howled with happiness. The writer’s wife ran up to him. She petted him through the bars. The bear stood on his head to express his happiness. She spent three hours with the bear. She would not leave the cage even when ‘closing time’ came. She wept inconsolably and Baba too cried bitterly. The writer’s wife asked the curator if she could have her Baba back. The curator said that only the superintendent at Bangalore could give such permission. Now both of them went to Bangalore. They got the permission after much begging. Thus Baba was taken back to the writer’s house. They prepared an island for Baba in the  compound. It measured 20′ x 15′. A six-foot-wide dry pit was dug around it. It was 7 feet deep. A wooden box was put on the island for Baba to sleep at night. Straw was placed inside to keep him warm. His playthings were put there for him to play with. Baba was put on this island. How delighted he was! The writer’s wife spent many hours there with him. She sat on a chair while Baba sat on her lap.


Textual Questions of The Bond of Love

Q1. Given in the box are some headings. Find the paragraphs that can go with them.


  1. An orphaned cub   ——————————-  Para 3
  2. Bruno’s food-chart ——————————- Para 6
  3. An accidental case of poisoning—————– Para 8
  4. Playful Baba————————————— Para 12
  5. Pain of separation ——————————– Para 14
  6. Joy of reunion————————————- Para 16
  7. A request to the zoo——————————- Para 18
  8. An island in the courtyard———————— Para 21

Q2.“I got him for her by accident.”

  1. Who says this?
  2. Who do ‘him’ and ‘her’ refer to?
  3. What is the incident referred to here?


  1. These words were said by the author.
  2. ‘Him’ refers to the bear cub. ‘Her’ refers to the writer’s wife.
  3. The writer had brought a baby bear as a gift for his wife.

Q3.“He stood on his head in delight.”

  1. Who does ‘he’ refer to?
  2. Why was he delighted?


  1. ‘He’ refers to the baby of the bear.
  2. ‘He’ was delighted to meet the writer’s wife after a very long period of time.

Q4. “We all missed him greatly: but in a sense we were relieved.”

  1. Who does ‘we all’ stand for?
  2. Who did they miss?
  3. Why did they nevertheless feel relieved?


  1. ‘We all’ stands for all the members of author’s family
  2. They missed the bear cub.
  3. They felt relieved because the bear had become too big to be kept at home.

III. Answer the following questions in 30 to 40 words each.

Q1. On two occasions Bruno ate/drank something that should not be eaten/ drunk. What happened to him on these occasions?

Ans: The bear had eaten Barium Carbonate which was kept to get rid of the rats. As a result he got paralysis and he could not stand on his feet. In another incident he swallowed a gallon of old engine oil. But it had no adverse effects.

Q2. Was Bruno a loving and playful pet? Why, then, did he have to be sent away?

Ans: Yes, it  was a loving and playful pet. The bear shared a great bond with the writer’s two Alsatian dogs and the children of the tenants. Bruno had grown too big in the size.. Now his name was changed to Baba. Now he was getting too big to be kept at home. So he was sent to a zoo.

Q3. How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved?
Ans: Bruno was not at all happy after getting separated from the narrator’s family. He got very thin. The author’s wife went to Mysore to meet Baba. After seeing his pathetic condition she decided to bring Bruno back to the home. The writer and his wife made special arrangement for Baba. At last Baba was brought back home in a small cage

Short Answer Type Questions of The Bond of Love

Q1. How did the author’s wife react to the offer of sending Bruno to the zoo?

Ans: She was very sad when they heard the proposal. She was inconsolable. She cried bitterly. She refused to eat anything for few days. This is how she reacted to the proposal.

Q2.  How did Bruno and the author’s wife react when they met at Mysore zoo?

Ans:  The author’s wife went to see Bruno in the zoo. When she was a few yards away from his cage, he recognized her. Baba howled with happiness. She also ran towards him and patted him within the cage.

Q.3  How was Bruno found by the author?

Ans:  Bruno was found by the author in the sugarcane fields near Mysore. Its mother was shot dead by one of the friends of the author. The baby bear was riding on the back of his mother. The author took the bear and gifted it to his wife. She named the baby bear as Bruno.

Q4. Write the name of the poison accidentally taken by Bruno, kept for rats?

Ans:  The name of the poison was Barium Carbonate.

Q5. What all arrangements were made for Bruno?

Ans: An island was prepared for Bruno. It measured 20′ x 15′. A six-foot-wide dry pit was dug around it. It was 7 feet deep. A wooden box was put on the island for Baba to sleep at night. Straw was placed inside to keep him warm. His playthings were put there for him to play with.

Long Answer Type Questions of The Bond of Love

Q1. How was Bruno brought to the author’s home? How did he become member of the family?

Ans: The author brought the baby bear to the house by accident. Once upon a time the author and his friends were on the way to Mysore, they were passing through the sugarcane fields. they saw individuals shooing away the wild pigs from the fields by shooting at them. A number of pigs were killed on the spot and a few escaped. The author thought that everything was over, suddenly a black bear came out respiration heavily within the hot sun, and one of the author’s companions killed the bear. The cub was riding the rear of his mother ran around its prostrate parent creating a pitiful noise. Stuffed with pity, the author ran after him and captured him. He brought the baby bear home and presented it to his better half (wife) as a pet. The author’s wife accepted him and named him Bruno to mark that he was not a homeless wild animal. Before long there developed a bond of affection between Bruno and author’s wife. Bruno was named as ‘Baba’ which suggests a ‘small boy’. He had now become a true family member who enjoyed complete freedom and deep affection.

Q2. Love Is mutual. Do you agree? Illustrate this with reference to ‘ The Bond of Love’.

Ans: The story ‘ The Bond of Love’ is a perfect example of how love attracts love.  The language of love is also understood by the animals. They too respond to love equally. It has been proved by the relationship of author’s wife and Baba. Each member of the family loved Bruno. Bruno was equally attached to them. The author’s wife developed deep affection for Baba. She used to take care of him as her own child. The bear really felt depressed when he was sent to the zoo. He denied to eat anything and grew very thin. When author’s wife visited him after three month even then baba recognized her. So all the above mentioned statements prove that ‘Love is mutual’.

Q.3 What was the reason behind sending Bruno to the zoo? Why was he ultimately brought back to home?

Ans:  As months rolled on the bear cub grew in size. It was advised to the family that they should not keep a fully grown wild animal at their home. It could harm them. So they heeded the advice .Although author’s wife protested this decision. But after a long round of efforts she was convinced. After that a letter was written to the curator of the zoo.( A person who takes care of zoo)

They wrote if the zoo wanted to add a sloth bear in their collection. They got affirmation from the zoo and finally Baba was sent to the zoo. The separation was very painful for both, the author’s family and the bear. The author’s wife and the bear both had been in same situation, they both felt depressed. They both denied to eat.

After a long time she visited the zoo. Baba was on the top the world after seeing author’s wife. Author’s wife spent a quality time with the bear. Then she was not ready to leave Baba and decided to take Baba back to the home.  Curator suggested them to take permission from his boss. They went to seek permission.  The boss was a kind hearted person, thus he allowed them to take Baba back to their home.

Q4.  How Baba was transported back to the home? Explain.

Ans:  The zoo arranged a cage to transport Baba back to Bangalore. The cage of Baba was hoisted on the car. They drove their car slowly and carefully. After reaching their place a team of coolies hoisted the cage on the island. The island was prepared for Bruno. It measured 20′ x 15′. A six-foot-wide dry pit was dug around it. It was 7 feet deep. A wooden box was put on the island for Baba to sleep at night. Straw was placed inside to keep him warm. His playthings were put there for him to play with.  All these arrangements were made to keep Baba at a safe distance from the children of tenants.

Q5. What makes you feel that mother was more attached to Bruno than the other members of the family? Give reasons.

Ans: There are a number of instances to show that the mother is more attached to Bruno than the other members of the family. It is the mother who gives the bear the name of Bruno and then of Baba. It is she who is most unhappy when the bear is sent away to the Mysore zoo. She misses Baba more than anyone else. At the zoo, she doesn’t leave the bear’s cage for three hours. She feeds him with a number of things she has brought with her. And at the closing time, she weeps bitterly while her husband remains calm. She asks the curator if she can take her Baba back home. She pleads with the superintendent tearfully. She doesn’t rest till her Baba has been brought home. And then on the island, she spends many hours with the bear on her lap. All this shows how deeply the mother is attached to the bear.

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