MCQ of Migration Types Causes and Consequences | Class 12 | Term 1 |


MCQ of Migration Types Causes and Consequences | Class 12 | Term 1 |


1. Which one of the following is not a stream of internal migration in India?
a. Urban to Urban
b. Urban to rural
c. Town to Rural
d. Rural to Urban
Ans. Town to Rural

2. The stream of internal migration is dominant by female migrants because of which reason?
a. Education
b. Marriage
c. Work and job
d. Business
Ans. Marriage (65%)

3. How many migrants have migrated to India according to census 2001?
a. 5 million
b. 3 million
c. 4.8 million
d. None of the above
Ans.  5 million

4. As far as emigration is concerned in India how many people have migrated across the globe?
a. 10 million
b. 20 million
c. 30 million
d. 40 million
Ans.  30 million

5. Which state of India receives the highest number of in-migrants?
a. Haryana
b. Punjab
c. Goa
d. Maharashtra
Ans.  Maharashtra (2.3 million)

6. Which of the following state in India recorded largest number of net out-migrants?
a. Bihar
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Maharashtra
d. Haryana
Ans. Uttar Pradesh (-2.6 million)

7. Which one of the following is a bad example of push factor?
a. Flood
b. Political distress
c. Unemployment
d. Entertainment
Ans. Entertainment

8. Which one of the following is the major factor for male migration in India?
a. Business
b. Marriage
c. Education
d. Employment
Ans.  Employment (38 percentage)

9. In which of the following states male migrants after getting married?
a. Bihar
b. Sikkim
c. Kerala
d. Meghalaya
Ans. Meghalaya

10. In 2002, how much did India receive as remittances from international migrants?
a. US$ 11 billion
b. US$ 12 billion
c. US$ 13 billion
d. None of the above
Ans. US$ 11 billion

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11. Which one of the following streams is dominated by male migrants in India?
a. Rural-urban
b. Urban-urban
c. Urban-rural
d. Rural-rural
Ans. Rural-urban

12. Which one of the following is the reason of low number of female migrants from rural- urban stream in India?
a. Lack of equality
b. Less security
c. Male dominance
d. All of the above.
Ans. All of the above

13. Which one of the following neighboring country have highest number of out-migration to India?
a. Bangladesh
b. Pakistan
c. Nepal
d. Sri Lanka
Ans. Bangladesh (3 million)

14. Which of the following urban agglomeration of India has the highest share of migrant population?
a. New Delhi
b. Greater Mumbai
c. Kolkata
d. Bangalore
Ans. Greater Mumbai

15. In which stream of migration is the number of intra-state migrants the largest in India?
a. Rural-urban
b. Urban-urban
c. Rural-rural
d. Urban-rural
Ans.  Rural-rural

16. How many female migrants migrate out for the purpose of employment?
a. 3 percent
b. 6 percent
c. 3.5 percent
d. 4 percent
Ans. 3 percent

17. Which one of the following is not a consequence of migration?
a. Economic consequences
b. Environmental consequences
c. Social consequences
d. Increase in sex ratio
Ans. Increase in sex ratio

a. Josh
b. Akbar
c. Mahatma Gandhi
d. Firaque Gorakhpuri
Ans. Firaque Gorakhpuri


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