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Extracts of The Adventure | MCQs of The Adventure |

Extract Based Questions of The Adventure

Extract 1

The Jijamata Express sped along the Pune-Bombay route considerably faster than the Deccan Queen. There were no industrial townships outside Pune. The first stop, Lonavala, came in 40 minutes. The ghat section that followed was no different from what he knew. The train stopped at Karjat only briefly and went on at even greater speed. It roared through Kalyan.

a) Name the chapter?
1) The Browning Version

2) The Adventure

3) Silk Road

4) The Ailing Planet

b) Who is the author of ‘The Adventure’?
1) Jayant Narlikar
2) Nick Middleton
3) Nani Palkhivala
4) Khushwant Singh

c) Who was travelling by Jijamata Express?
1) Professor Gaitonde
2) Professor Gaitonde’s son
3) Professor Gaitonde’s wife
4) Rajendra

d) What does the word ‘Roared’ mean?
1) Thundered
2) Shivered 
3) Trembled
4) None of these

a. The Adventure b. Jayant Narlikar c. Professor Gaitonde d. Thundered


Extract 2

As he walked along Hornby Road, as it was called, he found a different set of shops and office buildings. There was no Handloom House building. Instead, there were Boots and Woolworth departmental stores, imposing offices of Lloyds, Barclays and other British banks, as in a typical high street of a town in England.

a) Where had Professor Gaitonde travelled to?
1) Present
2) Past
3) Future
4) None of these

b) What strange thing did Gaitonde notice there?
1) Ancient things
2) Futuristic things
3) Modern things
4) All of these

c) How had he met with an accident?
1) His truck collided with a car
2) His car collided with another car
3) His car collided with a truck
4) His truck collided with another truck

d) Whom was he looking for?
1) His son
2) His wife
3) His mother
4) All of these

a. Past b. Ancient things c. His car collided with a truck d. His son

Extract 3

She searched through the telephone list, the staff list and then through the directory of employees of all the branches of the firm. She shook her head and said, “I am afraid I can’t find anyone of that name either here or in any of our branches. Are you sure he works here?” This was a blow, not totally unexpected. If he himself were dead in this world, what guarantee had he that his son would be alive? Indeed, he may not even have been born!

a) Who is ‘She’ in the first line?
1) Press Reporter
2) Media Analyst
3) Quality Analyst
4) English Receptionist

b) What was Gaitonde Son’s name?
1) Vinay
2) Rajesh
3) Pankaj
4) Dev

c) Why could Gaitonde not locate his son?
1) For he was not born that time
2) For he worked in another company
3) For he had lost his job there
4) For the receptionist did not want his father to know about him

d) What shocked Gaitonde the most?
1) That his son had lied to him
2) That his son was an absconder
3) That there was no trace of his son
4) None of these

a. English Receptionist b. Vinay c. His car collided with a truck d. That there was no trace of his son

Extract 4

Gangadharpant emerged from his thoughts. Looking around he noticed that he was the only reader left in that magnificent hall. “I beg your pardon, sir! May I request you to keep these books here for my use tomorrow morning? By the way, when do you open?” “At eight o’clock, sir.” The librarian smiled. Here was a user and researcher right after his heart. As the professor left the table he shoved some notes into his right pocket.

a) Where was Gangadharpant sitting?
1) Bar
2) Library
3) Restaurant
4) Hotel

b) At what time did the library close?
1) At 7 o’ clock
2) At 8 o’ clock
3) At 9 o’ clock
4) At 6 o’ clock

c) From which book did Gangadharpant tear the pages?
1) Sakhar
2) Makhar
3) Bakhar
4) Dakhar

d) Find out the synonym of the word ‘Magnificent’ from the following?
1) Splendid
2) Glorious
3) Majestic
4) All of these

a. Library b. At 8 o’ clock c. Bakhar d. All of these

Extract 5

But Gangadharpant had the experience of speaking at 999 meetings and had faced the Pune audience at its most hostile. He kept on talking. He soon became a target for a shower of tomatoes, eggs and other objects. But he kept on trying valiantly to correct this sacrilege. Finally, the audience swarmed to the stage to eject him bodily. And, in the crowd Gangadharpant was nowhere to be seen.

a) Where was Gangadharpant going to deliver his 1000th speech?
1) Eden Garden
2) Azad Maidan
3) Ram Maidan
4) Firoz Shah Kotla Maidan

b) What made the audience hostile?
1) Gangadharpant’s abusive language
2) Gangadharpant’s occupying the Presidential chair
3) Gangadharpant’s humble nature
4) None of these

c) What did the audience do with Gangadharpant?
1) Made him sit on the stage
2) Threw him down the stage
3) Garlanded him for sitting there
4) Showered him with flowers

d) Find out the synonym of the word ‘Valiantly’ from the following?
1) Bravely
2) Cowardly
3) Modestly
4) None of these

a. Azad Maidan b. Gangadharpant’s occupying the Presidential chair c. Threw him down the stage d. Bravely

Extract 6

“Professor, before, just prior to your collision with the truck, what were you doing?” Rajendra asked. “I was thinking of the catastrophe theory and its implications for history.” “Right! I thought so!” Rajendra smiled. “Don’t smile smugly. In case you think that it was just my mind playing tricks and my imagination running amok, look at this.” And, triumphantly, Professor Gaitonde produced his vital piece of evidence: a page torn out of a book.

a) Where does the word ‘Amok’ mean from the following?
1) Wildly Frenzied
2) Out of control
3) Amuck
4) All of these

b) Who is ‘I’ in the first line?
1) Gangadharpant
2) Viney Deshpandey
3) Rajendra Despandey
4) None of these

c) What happened when Gangadharpant’s car collided with the truck?
1) He fainted
2) He stood up and dusted
3) He too collided his car with the truck
4) None of these

d) Where had he got the page from?
1) Library
2) Book Store
3) Museum
4) None of these

a. All of these b. Gangadharpant c. He fainted d. Library

Extract 7

“By making a transition, you were able to experience two worlds although one at a time. The one you live in now and the one where you spent two days. One has the history we know, the other a different history. The separation or bifurcation took place in the Battle of Panipat. You neither travelled to the past nor to the future. You were in the present but experiencing a different world. Of course, by the same token there must be many more different worlds arising out of bifurcations at different points of time.”

a) Who is the speaker of above lines?
1) Professor Gaitonde
2) Librarian
3) Rajendra Deshpande
4) Vinay Gaitonde

b) Who made transition to a different world?
1) Vinay Gaitonde
2) Librarian
3) Rajendra Deshpande
4) Professor Gaitonde

c) How many worlds did Gangadharpant experience at a same time?
1) One
2) Two
3) Three
4) Four

d) Name the chapter?
Discovering Tut, The Saga Continues

2) The Laburnum Top

3) Silk Road

4) The Ailing Planet

a. Rajendra Deshpande b. Professor Gaitonde c. Two d. Silk Road


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