Helen Keller | Character Sketch of Helen Keller | Class X | English |

Helen Keller | Character Sketch of Helen Keller | Class X | English |


Helen Keller was a physically challenged girl, who took infinite pains to overcome her problems, and the one who never gave up in her life. She was so curious, keen and eager to know and learn the things that nothing seemed impossible to her.

In spite of being physically challenged, due to unforeseen illness at the age of 19 months, her confidence and ease to learn the things never let her down. She was so unfortunate that she had to lose her ability of seeing and hearing which changed her life out and out.

She was such a lively and jolly child who always had a smile on face even though she knew she was different from all those people who could see and hear. Her life was changed when she met an optimistic personality of Miss Anne Sullivan who brought out her latent talent by making her feel the things and learn. She had such a strong will power that nothing seemed inaccessible to her and helped in overcoming her inability to see or hear.

She was extremely close to nature that she spent most of her times staying in the lap of it. She was the one who lived her life to the fullest with the help of her friends, teachers and parents whom she accredited the reasons for her success.

Though she had some misadventures in her life but she never turned a blind eye from the problem and kept on fighting till she succeeded.

She set an example for others and always encouraged them not to give up.


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