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Chapter Wise List of Vistas, Chapters of Vistas, Class 12, English Core

There are eight chapters in Vistas, one of the prescribed books of Class 12 English, which have been elaborated comprehensively with their Summaries, Short Answer Type Questions, Long Answer Type Questions and Multiple Choice Questions in the links given below. In order to score higher and understand all the chapters well, you are recommended to go through all the chapters one by one which given below.

Chapter Wise Solutions For Class 12 English Vistas

  1. The Third Level
  2. The Tiger King
  3. Journey to the End of the Earth
  4. The Enemy
  5. Should Wizard Hit Mommy
  6. On the Face of It
  7. Evans Tries an O Level
  8. Memories of Childhood

Brief Details of the Chapters

Chapter 1: The Third Level

The ‘Third Level’ revolves the Grand Central Station subway whereby a large number of passengers pass every day. The chapter is based on the protagonist’s (Charley) account of all that he imagines and undergoes.

Chapter 2: The Tiger King

The ‘Tiger King’ revolves around the journey of the Tiger King who became the ruler of Pratibandapuram. Besides, it sheds light on the proverb that ‘Arrogance has a fall.”

Chapter 3: Journey to the End of The Earth

Journey to the End of The Earth is a factual description of Tishani Doshi’s journey to Antarctica. It  It sheds light on the experience of High School students who notice massive changes that can affect the future of this world.

Chapter 4: The Enemy

The Enemy is an apt elaboration of humanity wherein a Japanese surgeon rises above the prejudice to save the life of an enemy.

Chapter 5: Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Should Wizard Hit Mommy highlights the difference between an adult and a child’s perspective. It is a narrative wherein a father narrates a story to his daughter every weekend to make her sleep.

Chapter 6: On the Face of It

On the Face of It deals with the bond and linkage that human can create with the other human. It narrates the story of an old but optimistic man who transforms a young lad of fourteen.

Chapter 7: Evans Tries an O-Level

Evans Tries an O-Level is an impeccable and thrilling experience that a student can enjoy in his class. It elaborate a well-laid plan of a prisoner who manages to have a last laugh in the end.

Chapter 8: Memories of Childhood

Memories of Childhood is an autobiographical account of two women hailing from marginalized sections of society that suffer a lot in their childhood yet rise above all the indignities and manage to build their identities.

Chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of Vistas

  1. The Third Level
  2. The Tiger King
  3. Journey to the End of the Earth
  4. The Enemy
  5. Should Wizard Hit Mommy
  6. On the Face of It
  7. Evans Tries an O-Level
  8. Memories of Childhood

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