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Important Questions of Vistas (Chapter-wise)

Chapter-1, The Third Level

  1. What were Charley psychiatrist’s view about him, third level and his stamp collection?
  2. What unusual things were noticed by Charley on the third level?
  3. What do you infee from Sam’s letter to Charley?
  4. Do you think the third level was a medium of escape from Charley?

Chapter-2, The Tiger King

  1. How did the Maharaja manage to save his kingdom?
  2. What miracle took place when the Maharaja was 10 days old?
  3. How was the Tiger King brought up?
  4. How did the hundredth tiger take its revenge upon the Tiger King?

Chapter-3, Journey to the End of the Earth

  1. How is Antartica a perfect place to study earth’s past, present and future?
  2. How has human created ruckus on ths earth since their inception?
  3. What are phytoplanktons? How do they work to run marine’s life?
  4. What is ‘Students on Ice’ programme? How has it drawn the attention of the world?
Chapter-4, The Enemy
  1. Why did Dr. Sadao save the life of that American POW’s life?
  2. What was the chief worry of Dr. Sadao’s father?
  3. Whom all (Americans) did Dr. Sadao remember standing at his beach?
  4. What makes a human being rise above prejudice and save the life of others. Answer this with reference to the chapter ‘The Enemy’.
Chapter-5, Should Wizard Hit Mommy
  1. What was the basic scheme of all Jack’s stories?
  2. How did Jo want the story to be ended?
  3. What ugly middle position was Jack caught in?
  4. How is an adult’s perspective different from that of a child’s perspective? Answer with reference to the chapter ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’.
Chapter-6, On the Face of It
  1. How did Mr. Lamb change Derry’s pessimism into optimism?
  2. What made Derry startled when he entered Mr. Lamb’s garden?
  3. How did Mr. Lamb view his bees?
  4. Can any one be transformed with love care and affection? Answer with reference to the chapter ‘On the Face of it’.
Chapter-7, Evans Tries an O Level
  1. Why was Evans called ‘Evans the Break’?
  2. How did Evans manage to escape despite the best efforts made by prison staff of H.M.Prison?
  3. How did the underestimation of Evans by prison staff cost dearly to them?
  4. How did Evans manage to have a last laugh?
Chapter-8, Memories of Childhood
  1. What was ‘Eating by Formula’ according to Zitkala-Sa?
  2. Why did Zitkala-Sa not want to get her hair gnawed off?
  3. What was the incident that left an indelible imprint on Bama’s mind?
  4. Why would Bama take such a long time to reach home?

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