Summary of ‘Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues’ with important Questions/Answers, Class XI, Hornbill

Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues

(By: A.R. Williams)

This chapter is based on archaeology and its pros and cons. It is based on a king’s life namely Tut who died unexpectedly. He was just a teenager then and since then, his death has been a mystery for people who suspect him to be murdered which could be the extreme possibility according to them. The narrator, in this chapter, talks about his body which is being taken into CT scanner to find out the real cause of his death and other lingering mysteries about him.

According to the narrator, King Tut was the last heir of a powerful pharaoh’s family which had ruled Egypt for centuries and his body, which was found in 1922, was laden with a lot of gold and other necessary day-to-day things. When his body was being taken up from his resting place, the weather started deteriorating and it became almost impossible to take him through the CT scanner. People had come from far and around to his dead body for the last time and some of them were continuously praying whereas some of them were trying to figure out the lingering mysteries of his death.

Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities says, King Tut’s body, when found by Carter, a British Archeologist, was in a pathetic condition as it was chiseled to remove the gold from it. According to carter, the body of King Tut was found in a three nested coffin which had garlands lotus petals, wild celery, olive leaves which indicated that the burial was done in either March or April. Besides, to save the gold from being stolen from the thieves, it was necessary to break the body into the parts in order to remove gold from it. If the gold had not been removed, the thieves would have stolen each and everything and destroyed such a precious mummy as that of King Tut’s.

Narrator talks about CT scan which creates three-dimensional virtual body by putting hundreds of x-rays in cross section. As per him, the exact manner of King’s death can be found out only by taking his body through such scan. Besides, he talks about King Tut’s family which began with Amenhotep III- Tut’s father or grandfather followed by Amenhotep IV who promoted the worship of Aten. Then appeared Smenkhkare who disappeared soon and at last the young King Tut came and ruled for almost nine years and died unexpectedly.

At the end of the chapter, when King Tut’s body was being taken into the CT scanner, the fans of that machine stop working which was due to the curse of the pharaoh according to the people. But, soon a substitute fan was arranged and the test was conducted smoothly.

On the whole, this chapter highlights the royal culture of Egypt, its lifestyle and the mysteries related to their lives.


Important Questions/Answers

Q1. Why was King Tut’s body sent for CT scan?

Ans. King Tut’s body was sent for CT scan to find out the real cause of his death. His death had been a mystery for a long time and people suspected him to be murdered which could be the extreme possibility. In order to figure out, the government of Egypt wanted to scan King Tut’s body.


Q2. Why did Carter have to separate gold from King Tut’s body?

Ans. King Tut’s body was laden with gold from head to toe as people earlier thought the king could enjoy his life after his death. Therefore, there was a slight possibility that thieves could run into it and steal everything found on the body of the king. Therefore, he himself decided to separate it from the gold.


Q3. What happened when King’s Tut body was being taken in CT scan machine?

Ans. When King Tut’s body was being scanned, the fans of the machine stopped working due to dust but soon a substitute fan was arranged for the smooth conduct of the test. In this way, his body was scanned ultimately and the real cause of his death was found.


Q4. Why were the kings’ body buried with gold and other things?

Ans. Earlier, kings thought that there was an afterlife, so for their enjoyment after their death, they were buried with gold and other basic things required to survive. Many mummies have been found buried with those things so far. King’s Tut body was one of them which was laden with gold.


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