Chapter Wise Summary of The Invisible Man Written by H.G.Wells

The Invisible Man (Summary)




Name: The Strange Man’s Arrival

In the first chapter, when the novel begins, we find a stranger moving towards Iping, a small hill side village of London, from Bramblehurst. He is covered from top to bottom wearing long over coat, having pink nose and blue goggles with side light. The author (H.G Wells) too, calls him a wrapped up mystery in this chapter. When the stranger reaches an inn owned by Mrs. Hall, he offers two golden sovereigns in exchange of a room and fireplace in it. Being an impeccable business woman, she makes the most of the situation and allots him a room without any due verification. The stranger tells him that his luggage is kept at Bramblehurst railway station and he wants it to be brought upwards as soon as possible but Mrs. Hall makes an excuse of hefty snowfall and assures him to get it brought in a couple of days. She actually wants to make most of the situation and earn a good fortune. Besides, she responds with a good hospitality offering the stranger good food to eat such as ham, bacon and some eggs. She observes some strange and odd things in the stranger such as; he neither takes his serviette off while speaking nor his hat and coat off when she wants to do so for making them wet. When she tries to figure out the cause of that awkward look of the stranger, she finds the stranger laughing with hollow mouth. But she pays no attention to it.


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