Character Sketch of Mr. Hall

Mr. Hall is a henpacked husband who dances on the tunes of his wife. Though he is a cab driver and has a different vocation, but he usually interferes in his wife’s business. He is the co-owner of his inn namely Coach & Horses but is often dominated by his wife. He is bit social and amiable person who takes care of others and respects their emotions. He is fond of drinking and does not shy away to take a couple of sips daily. When, his wife shelters a strange man(Griffin), he objects the stranger’s presence but snubbed by Mrs. Hall on the spot. He is even beaten by stranger couple of times when he tries to evict him from his home. In nutshell, we can say that, he helps his wife a lot in all her work and standby even in difficult times. He represents himself as an ideal life partner who carries Mrs. Hall’s orders and supports her in all sizes of life.

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