Character Sketch of Colonel Adye

Colonel Adye is the head of Police in Burdock who comes to arrest Griffin on the information of Dr. Kemp. He is sassy, bold and extremely talented police Officer. He lays a trap for the stranger lest he should get any opportunity to escape from the top floor in order to free people from Griffin’s menace. But all goes in vain, when he fails to nab the stranger. He consults Dr. Kemp and asks for suggestion to noose him. Dr. Kemp suggests him to use sniffer dogs, to shut all the colleges and schools and to spread glass powder on the roads. He objects to some of suggestions but finally accepts them half-heartedly.

In order to perform his duty, he has to lay down his life. In his pursuit of saving Kemp from the fury of Griffin, he is shot by the stranger. He represents himself as a dutiful and obedient character in this novel.

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