Extracts of The Necklace | With Answers | Class 10 | English | NCERT |


Extracts of The Necklace | Class 10 | English | NCERT |

Extract 1

She was one of those pretty, young ladies, born as if through an error of destiny, into a family of clerks. She had no dowry, no hopes, no means of becoming known, loved, and married by a man either rich or distinguished; and she allowed herself to marry a petty clerk in the office of the Board of Education. She was simple, but she was unhappy.

Q1. Name the chapter.

Ans : The Necklace

Q2. Who is the author of The Necklace?

Ans : Guy de Maupassant

Q3. Who is she in the first line?

Ans : Matilda (Mme Loisel)

Q4. Why did Matilda remain unhappy?

Ans : Matilda remained unhappy for she was married to a poor clerk. She neither liked her apartment nor any other thing there.

Q5. Find out the synonym of the word ‘Small’ from the extract?

Ans : Petty

Extract 2

He turned a little pale, for he had saved just this sum to buy a gun that he might be able to join some hunting parties the next summer, with some friends who went to shoot larks on Sunday. Nevertheless, he answered, “Very well. I will give you four hundred francs. But try to have a pretty dress.”

Q1. Who is ‘He’ in the first line?

Ans : He is the husband of Mme Loisel 

Q2. What was Mme Loisel’s husband by profession?

Ans : Mme Loisel husband was a clerk in the office of Board Education.

Q3. Find out the synonym of the word ‘Light-coloured’ from the extract?

Ans : Pale

Q4. Why was he ready to spend everything he had with him?

Ans : He was ready to spend everything on his wife’s dress for the event.

Extract 3

She saw at first some bracelets, then a collar of pearls, then a Venetian cross of gold and jewels of admirable workmanship. She tried the jewels before the glass, hesitated, but could neither decide to take them nor leave them. Then she asked, “Have you nothing more?” “Why, yes. Look for yourself. I do not know what will please you.” Suddenly she discovered, in a black satin box, a superb necklace of diamonds.

Q1. Who is ‘She’ in the first line?

Ans : Mme Loisel (Matilda)

Q2. Who is she talking to?

Ans : Mme Foretier

Q3. Find out the synonym of the word ‘Praiseworthy’ from the extract?

Ans : Admirable

Q4. What was Mme Loisel looking for?

Ans : She was looking for a necklace of diamond.

Extract 4

He arose in dismay, “What! How is that? It is not possible.” And they looked in the folds of the dress, in the folds of the cloak, in the pockets, everywhere. They could not find it. He asked, “You are sure you still had it when we left the Minister’s house?” “Yes, I felt it as we came out.” “But if you had lost it in the street, we should have heard it fall. It must be in the cab.”

Q1. Who is ‘He’ in the first line?

Ans : Husband of Mme Loisel 

Q2. What could he not believe?

Ans : He could not believe that Matilda had lost her necklace that she had brought from Mme Forestier.

Q3. Where had Mme Loisel lost her necklace?

Ans : Mme loisel had lost her necklace somewhere in party held at a Minister’s house.

Q4. Find out the synonym of the word ‘Disheartenment’ from the passage?

Ans : Dismay

Extract 5

She learned the odious work of a kitchen. She washed the dishes. She washed the soiled linen, their clothes and dishcloths, which she hung on the line to dry; she took down the refuse to the street each morning and brought up the water, stopping at each landing to catch her breath. And, clothed like a woman of the people, she went to the grocer’s, the butcher’s and the fruiterer’s, with her basket on her arm, shopping, haggling to the last sou of her miserable money. The husband worked evenings, putting the books of some merchants in order, and nights he often did copying at five sous a page. And this life lasted for ten years. At the end of ten years, they had restored all.

Q1. What does the word ‘Odious’ mean in the first line?

Ans : It means ‘Hateful’.

Q2. What deteriorated the financial condition of Matilda and her husband?

Ans : Matilda had lost Mme Frontier’s necklace. She thought it was too costly. In order to return her, she had to buy a necklace for thirty-six thousand francs. She took money from usurers and the whole race of lenders which deteriorated their financial conditions.

Q3. Which literary device has been used in ‘Clothed like a woman of the people’?

Ans : Simile

Q4. How long did their hardships last?

Ans : Their hardships lasted for 10 years.

Extract 6

I returned another to you exactly like it. And it has taken us ten years to pay for it. You can understand that it was not easy for us who have nothing. But it is finished and I am decently content.” Mme Forestier stopped short. She said, “You say that you bought a diamond necklace to replace mine?” “Yes. You did not perceive it then? They were just alike.” And she smiled with proud and simple joy. Mme Forestier was touched and took both her hands as she replied, “Oh! My poor Matilda! Mine were false. They were not worth over five hundred francs!”

Q1. Who is I in the first line?

Ans : Mme Loisel (Matilda)

Q2. What was the actual cost of Mme Forestier’s necklace?

Ans : Five hundred francs

Q3. What startled Mme Loisel?

Ans : When Mme Loisel got to know that the actual cost of the necklace was only five hundred francs, she got startled. She had actually paid a necklace worth thirty six thousand francs in exchange of a necklace worth five hundred francs to Mme Forestier.

Q4. How long did Matilda and her husband work for clear their debts?

Ans : They had to work for ten years to clear their due with interest.

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