Top 10 Quotes 

Quotes inspire everyone to do better in lives. In order to motivate you and to keep your self-esteem higher, let us present you 10 quotes of this century which can change your life altogether.

1. Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people – Warren Buffet

2. Never argue with a fool, first he will drag you to his level & then beat you with his experience- Mark Twain

3. Never give a broad hint to a narrow minded person – BrainyLads

4. Never lend money to your relative else you will lose both – BrainyLads

5. A true friend will never test you, if he does, he is not true – BrainyLads

6. Don’t keep all of your eggs in the same basket – Warren Buffet

7. Never test the depth of a river with both of your feet in – Warren Buffet

8. Don’t expect, expectations always hurt. – BrainyLads

9. Your humility is your biggest fiend, always keep your head high. – BrainyLads

10. Never eat with your servants else they will stop respecting you. –  BrainyLads


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