Top-100 Most Expected G.K/G.S Questions 2017


General Studies Top 100 Questions

Let’s us present you top-100 most expected G.K/G.S Questions of 2017. These questions can help you a lot in your upcoming exams. Given below is the list of these questions.

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Top-100 G.K Questions (Most Expected Questions)

1.       Which is the biggest planet of our solar system?                                                                        (Ans.  Jupiter)

2.       Who has been nominated as ‘Person of the year 2016’ by Time magazine?

(Ans.  Donald Trump)

3.       Which actor has won the best actor national award 2017?

(Ans.   Akshay Kumar, Rustom)

4.       Who is the finance Minister of our country?                                                                                       (Ans.  Mr. Arun Jaitley)

5.       Who has recently been sentenced to death by Pakistan?

(Ans. Kulbhushan Jadhav )

6.       Which country has been declared as the least corrupt country?

(Ans.  Denmark)

7.       What is the current sex ratio of Haryana?                                                                                     (Ans.  950:1000)

8.       How many bones are there in human’s head?                                                                            (Ans.  29)

9.       What is the capital of Australia?                                                                                                         (Ans. Canberra)

10.   When is the full form of etc.?                                                                                                             (Ans. Et Cetera)

11.   In which State the festival ‘Jallikattu’ is celebrated?

(Ans. Tamilnadu)

12.   What is the full form of W.H.O?                                                                                                         (World Health Organisation)

13.   How many bones are there in Spinal Cord?                                                                                  (Ans. 33)

14.   Where is Mahabodhi Temple Located?                                                                                          (Ans. Bihar)

15.   What was India’s rank in 2016 Olympic Games?                                                                          (Ans. 67th )

16.   Where is Brabourne stadium located?                                                                                            (Ans. Mumbai)

17.   What is the full form of MCG?

(Ans. Melbourne Cricket Ground)

18.   Who has scored the fastest century from India in Test Cricket?

(Ans. Virat Kohli)

19.   How many articles are there in Indian constitution?

(Ans. 450)

20.   When is world Television day celebrated?                                                                                    (Ans. 21st November)

21.   Which Australian player died in the cricket match recently?

(Ans. Phil Hughes)

22.   Who is the HRD Minister of our country?                                                                                      (Ans. Parkash Jawdekar)

23.   Hopman Cup is related to?                                                                                                                  (Ans. Tennis)

24.   When is world Malaria Day celebrated?                                                                                         (Ans. 25th April)

25.   What is the validity of Cheque?                                                                                                         (Ans. 3 months)

26.   How many fundamental duties are there in our constitution?

(Ans. 11 )

27.   How many fundamental rights are there in our constitution?                                                              (Ans. 6 )

28.   Who will host 2023 Cricket World Cup?                                                                                           (Ans. India )

29.   What was the name of the first bank of India?

(Ans. Bank of Hindustan )

30.   When is national Science Day celebrated?                                                                                    (Ans. 28th February )

31.   Which is the biggest bone of human’s body?

(Ans. Femur )

32.   Which is the shortest bone in human’s body?

(Ans. Stapes )

33.    What was the name of the operation to capture Laden

(Ans. Operation Neptune Spear )

34.   Which gas is used in refrigerators?                                                                                                   (Ans. Freon)

35.   Which gas is used in air conditioners?                                                                                             (Ans. Freon )

36.   Which gas is used in LPG?                                                                                                                 (Ans. Butane)

37.   What is the percentage of Nitrogen in the air?                                                                           (Ans.78 % )

38.   Which is the gas filled in balloons?                                                                                                    (Ans. Helium)

39.   Which app has been launched by Delhi police for women in distress                                                (Ans. Himmat )

40.   In which year Delhi was made the capital of India?

(Ans. 1911)

41.   How many balls are there in snooker?                                                                                            (Ans. 22 )

42.   Which two cricketers took Hat-Tricks on the same day in IPL 2017?

(Ans. Samuel Badree and Tye )

43.   What is the full form of NSA?                                                                                                             (Ans. National Security Agency )

44.   What is the official language of Nagaland?                                                                                    (Ans. English )

45.   Where is Pashupatinath temple located?                                                                                      (Ans. Nepal)

46.   What is the currency of Bangladesh?                                                                                              (Ans. Taka )

47.   What is the newly proposed capital of Telangana?

(Ans. Amravati )

48.   What is the normal temperature of human body?

(Ans. 37 Degree Celsius/ 98.6 Fahrenheit )

49.   Which is the hardest bone in human body?                                                                                 (Ans. Jawbone )

50.   What is the name of Japanese Parliament?                                                                                  (Ans.  Diet)

51.   What is the capital of Russia?                                                                                                              (Ans. Moscow )

52.   What is the new capital of Sri Lanka?                                                                                               (Ans. Sri jaywardene Pura)

53.   Which is the first Indian Airport run on solar energy?

(Ans. Kochin )

54.   How many balls are there in super over of cricket?

(Ans. 6 )

55.   Who is the prime minister of Portugal?                                                                                          (Ans. Antonio Costa )

56.   Dry Ice is the solid form of?

(Ans. Carbon Di Oxide )

57.   How long did Mahabharta last for?                                                                                                  (Ans. 18 Days)

58.   Grapes expand in water due to?                                                                                                       (Ans. Osmosis )

59.   When is world population day celebrated?                                                                                  (Ans.11th July )

60.   When was second battle of Panipat fought?                                                                                       (Ans. 1556 )

61.   What is the length of our digestive system?                                                                                         (Ans. 30 feet )

62.   What is the literacy rate of India?                                                                                                     (Ans. 74.04 %)

63.   What is the full form of DNA?                                                                                                             (Ans. Deoxyribonucleic )

64.   Who designed the Parliament in Delhi?

(Ans. Edwin Lutyens, Herbert Bakers)

65.   What is the height of badminton net above the ground?

(Ans. 1.524 metre)

66.   What was the name of Kalpana Chawla Shuttle Name?

(Ans. Colombia )

67.   Nephrology is the study of?                                                                                                                  (Ans. Kidney )

68.   Who was the first home minister of India?                                                                                   (Ans. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel )

69.   Who invented Air Conditioner?                                                                                                         (Ans. Willis Carrier)

70.   What do we call study of cancer and tumors?                                                                             (Ans. Oncology )

71.   When were commonwealth games held in India?

(Ans. 2010)

72.   Which movie won Oscar Award for best movie?

(Ans. La La Land )

73.   Where is Head quarter of U.N.O located?                                                                                     (Ans. New York )

74.   Who is the Vice-President of America?                                                                                          (Ans. Mike Pence )

75.   Who is known as Bismarck of India?                                                                                                (Ans. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel)

76.   What is tomato ?                                                                                                                                   (Ans. Fruit )

77.   What is the blood colour of Octopus?                                                                                             (Ans. Blue)

78.   What is Indian currency made of?                                                                                                    (Ans.  Cotton + Balsam)

79.   When is TB Day observed?                                                                                                                  (Ans. 24th March)

80.   What is the capital of Denmark?                                                                                                        (Ans. Copenhagen )

81.   Which was the first satellite launched to moon?

(Ans. Sputnik I)

82.   What is the retirement age of Chief justice of India?                                                                           (Ans. 65 Years)

83.   What is the currency of Thailand?                                                                                                     (Ans. Thai Baht )

84.   Where is Indian Institute of vegetable located?

(Ans. Varanasi)

85.   Who was the first woman ruler of Delhi?                                                                                      (Ans. Razia Sultana)

86.   Who is the head of SBI?                                                                                                                       (Ans. Arundhati Bhattacharya)

87.   When was the Supreme Court established?                                                                                       (Ans. 1950)

88.   In which unit is sound measured?                                                                                                    (Ans. Decibel )

89.   Who is the largest serving Chief Minister?                                                                                    (Ans. Pawan Kumar Chamling )

90.   What was the name of India’s first super computer?                                                                            (Ans. Param 8000 )

91.   What is the percentage of salt in human body?

(Ans. 0.4 %)

92.   What is the main raw material of glass?                                                                                         (Ans. Silica )

93.   Which gas is present in Venus atmosphere?                                                                                       (Ans. Carbon Dioxide)

94.   What do we called scientific study of soil?                                                                                    (Ans. Pedology)

95.   What is radish?                                                                                                                                     (Ans. An edible root )

96.   What is the name of Pakistan’s parliament?                                                                                       (Ans. Majlis-e-Shoora )

97.   Where is Jai Stambh located?                                                                                                             (Ans. Raipur, Chattisgarh )

98.   Which is the first digital state of India?                                                                                           (Ans. Kerala)

99.   When is World Hindi Day celebrated?                                                                                             (Ans. January 10 )

100.            Where is the head quarter of NASA located?                                                                      (Ans. Washington D.C)

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