Essay on Mahatma Gandhi for Class 3 | Contribution to India’s Freedom |


Essay on Mahatma Gandhi for Class 3 | Gandhi’s Contribution to India’s Freedom |

About Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi), is the name, that everybody is known to in this free India. He is also known as ‘Bapu’. He was not only a social reformer but a freedom fighter who worked extremely hard to make India from the atrocities of British Raj. He was a non-violent man who believed in using “Ahimsa”  to attain his goals. 

He was born on October 2nd at Porbandar, Gujarat in India in a Hindu family and brought up over there. His father worked as a Dewan of Porbandar State. He put up in South Africa for about 20 years where he commenced a non-violent protest movement against discrimination. 

Gandhi’s Contribution to India’s Freedom

He was a great patriot, very kind but strong in character. It is believed If he were not standing there, India would have waited much longer to get freedom from the British. His political style was connected to the day-to-day problems of the common people of India. 

Mahatma Gandhi was a very famous public figure. He did a lot to help social and political reform. He got rid of many social evils that people were suffering from. This made many people feel better. Because of his work, Gandhi became famous all over the world. He was talked about in many international media outlets.

Gandhi’s Assassination

He was killed on 30 January 1948 by Nathuram Godse at the age of 78 in the compound of Birla House (now known as Gandhi Smriti), located at central New Delhi. His contributions to the nation’s well-being and development can never be forgotten. 

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