Annual Day Anchoring Script Sample For School and College


Annual Day Anchoring Script Sample For School and College


Annual Day Function is considered to be a red letter day for every school or college. It is a very special day for the management of the school/college, students, teachers, parents. On this day, the school/college management shares its vision and future plans whereas students perform various activities such as; skits, dances, speeches etc. For a good annual day/function, a good anchoring script is also needed for it keeps everyone enchanted and makes the day memorable. Therefore, keeping the need of the script in mind, we have prepared an anchoring script for annual day based on the program that is given below.

Program Sequence

1) Welcome Address

2) Welcome to Chief Guest on Arrival

3) Floral-Offering Ceremony/Lamp lighting

4) Ganesh Vandana

5) Welcome song

6) Principal’s Address & Annual Report

7) Chief Guest Speech

8) Prize Distribution Ceremony

9) Cultural Programs

10) Vote of thanks

11) Winding Up

Welcome Address

Good evening/Namaste/Sat Shri Akal to everyone! It is indeed an honour for me standing here to welcome all of you to this much-awaited day when we celebrate our school’s 40th Annual Day Function (To be Changed accordingly) with pomp  and show. I ______ (Name of the Host) of class XII, welcome all of you on behalf of _____(School’s name) to this magnificent day/evening.

Welcome to Chief Guest on Arrival

Now I request all of you to welcome our chief guest Mr. (Name, Designation) with a huge round of applause. He/She is the one who makes his/her presence feel wherever he/she goes. Along with him let’s welcome our school’s/college’s management, impeccable teachers, my docile peers, enthusiastic parents and dear students. Welcome to _____ (School’s name)

Floral-Offering Ceremony

I would request our chief guest, guests of honour, members of management’s presence on the stage for floral offering to Maa Saraswati. Sir and Madam, please grace us with your presence on the podium. With this ritual, we would like to thank goddess of knowledge, Maa Saraswati, for blessing us with all the knowledge and wisdom we have. I thank all of you for being so generous and request you to please have your seats.

Before we embark on the function, I request all of you to give rest to your mobile phones in order to enjoy the event. We request you to enjoy the function thoroughly.

Ganesh Vandana

“Vandana” means “praising” or “surrender” so Ganesh Vandana means praising Lord Ganesha or to surrender to him. Now, let’s start this beautiful evening and this event by taking the name of Lord Ganesha and request him to make this event successful and bless us. Now, allow me to welcome all the participants of this event on the stage.

(Please give them a huge round of applause and welcome them to the stage.)

Welcome Song

Please welcome our pure and innocent tiny tots, who have innate talent to double up the joy and to add beauty to any event, to begin the celebration on this blissful event. I am damn sure their performance shall definitely leave you mesmerized.

Post dance: That amazing performance was literally a feast to eyes. Hive them a huge round of applause to them.

Principal’s Address and Annual Report

 Now, I would like to call upon our school’s Principal to the stage for her address and words of wisdom. Give a big hand for the brain behind this magnificent function and to the woman who needs no introduction. Everyone’s favorite, the most dynamic and versatile personality, Mrs. (Name of the Principal)

Post Address : (Thank you very much ma’am, for sparing your valuable time for all of us. We are really grateful to you for this kind gesture.)

Chief Guest Speech

It is indeed an honour and privilege for our school that we have got Mr. (Name, Designation) with us whose lessons and motivation can bring an optimistic transition to anyone’ life. He needs no introduction, please give a big hand and welcome our chief guest. 

Post Speech : Thank you very much sir for your precious words. We are fortunate to have you with us today. We shall always be indebted to you for all you have done for us.

Prize Distribution Ceremony

Now, let me request our dignitaries and members of management to come to the stage for special prize distribution to honour the special talents who have brought laurels to the school. Please put your hands together for those prodigies.

Post Special prizes distribution : Now, I request our members of management to honour our chief guest and guest of honour.

Cultural Programs (Based on Theme ‘Virtues’)

Now we are all going to witness the ‘Virtues’ that are the essence of our character and character does indeed determine destiny, and wherein school has always recognized  the potential impact of  practicing virtues  on our lives, by celebrating virtues we mean to imbibe the core values of truthfulness, character, honesty, altruism and so on. Please put your hands together for the whole team and let’s welcome them.

Let’s see their implications and influence on our life !

(Theme Begins)

Vote of Thanks

Before we wind up today’s function and bid adieu to all of you, I would request our school’s Chairperson to come to the stage for Vote of Thanks. He is indeed an inspiration to millions like me whose constant endeavors have taken the school to the pinnacle of success. Please give a big hand to one and only, Mr. (Name, Director of _________)

Post Vote of Thanks : Your words mean a lot sir. Thank you for being with us on this special day despite having a busy schedule.

Formal Winding Up

Before we end the event formally, I would like to thank all and sundry, School’s management, cooperative teachers, respected parents and lovely students for being the part of this magnificent function and sparing their precious time. I am grateful to all of you.

Keep smiling and making other smile. Have a wonderful evening ! Thank You !



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