Book Review of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Book Review of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill, is one of best books that one must go through. This book comprises of many examples especially thirteen principles of success that can change anyone’s life altogether. In this book, the author sheds light on many real life incidents, experiences and successful/motivational stories like of Ford, one of the leading automobile companies that can change you perspective of looking at the things. These success stories are so inspirational that one gets so much engrossed in them that he forget every other thing. This book also specifies how positive thinking can impact anyone’s action and help us to grow rich and tells us the latent power of our subconscious mind that records everything we say. This book is divided into 13 chapters that talk about various aspects of life like power of thought, desire, faith, auto suggestion, knowledge, planning, organization and persistence. Given below is the details of every principle discussed in this book. 

Principal 1: Desire

Everything begins with a desire. If one has an ardent desire to do anything, one can attain that easily. But, it is often seen even when one knows one’s desires, one tries one’s level best find out the way to fulfil the desires. It is quite clear when one has a desire to get something, one too has capability to attain that desirous thing. So, basically your desire is actually the starting of what you want to become one day. 

The first thing that one should do is have a firm belief in one’s desire. One should nurture and cherish that desire. This is the reason, it is said that a person without desire has no principles, no action and no motive.

Principle No 2: Faith

Faith is also one of the strong beliefs of this world. If we have faith, we can accomplish our desires. In fact, we should have faith even before we accomplish your desires. It helps us to have trust and confidence in our desire fulfillment without fail. This faith can be developed by creating the state of mind by affirmations or auto suggestions into our subconscious mind through consciousness. Faith gives us hope and helps us to have the right spirit. If we have faith, it can make our life better.

Principle No 3: Auto Suggestion

Auto suggestion is an idea which one develops by oneself. It is a technique which relates to psychology and is based on the Placebo Effect. According to this technique, we can induce ourselves with suggestions in which we guide your own thoughts, feelings or behavior. To practice auto suggestion, we must repeat the affirmations to ourselves regularly. We can do it by writing affirmations every morning or night. You can also do this by simply shutting our eyes sitting in a quiet place. 

Principle No 4: Specialized Knowledge

One thing which can take us a long way is knowledge. It gives us immense power  to become rich and helps in fulfilling your desire. We need to have specialized skills to work in the field wherein we exchange our services in return of money.

The first thing to do here is to understand the need of the required skill and have a time set to learn daily and become specialized. It will help us to provide services, product or profession. In return of this we can get huge profits.

Principle No 5: Imagination

Imagination leads to the creation of new things. It is believed that if we imagine and believe, we can achieve anything we want. When something is imagined, it is actually achieved in reality. The thing which can let us imagine anything is called self-motivation. If we talk about successful people, they grow because they have a power of self- motivation. They keep on imagining and motivating themselves.

Principle No 6: Organized Planning

If se want to attain success, we must have a concrete plan with us. The plan should be made in such a way that it can lead us to achieve what we desire. We should keep a time out to draft a plan and write it down. When we have a plan ready, converting that plan into reality is quite easy. The plan should be in black and white so that the plan can be divided into small workable goals.

Once you have a plan ready, put the plan into action.

Steps to follow to have an organized plan

  1. Have an authorized partner for creating the plan.
  2. Decide what benefits you and your authorized partner will get.
  3. Have a time fix weekly for meeting the partner and discussing the plan.

Having a plan is just like a driver having a route map to reach his destination.

Principle No 7: Decision

One more principle which is really important is to take the decision quickly and accurately. If decisions are taken or taken accurately, success is easily attainable. If decision is not taken quickly, it can result in procrastination of the tasks and have hazardous results.

Principle No 8: Persistence

Persistence is one of the major principles which one should follow to be successful. Persistence means to continuously work on the actions which should not depend on the difficulty or opposition. When will power and desire is combined, it becomes a perfect combination.

The problem with most of the people is they give up very easily saying that it is challenging or tough which result is failure. If we want to succeed, we need to be persistent with the actions to fulfill our desire. Above all, if you desire something, we should work like a commando who does not take a step back until he succeeds.

Principle No 9: The Power of the Mastermind

In order to achieve what you desire, you should align yourself with like-minded people. If there are two minds that have the same vision and they work together, success can be attained easily.

It happens so many times that just by discussing something with another person, a new and good idea is generated. This is just because of the discussion that happens when surrounded by like-minded or same people. Associating with people does not mean that they will be open to all your concepts, but it will stimulate your thought process and something great will appear out of nowhere. Association will enable you to get more knowledge and more growth.

Principle No 10: Transmutation

This is the point which has resulted  in lots of controversy. According to the author, each one of us has a strong sexual energy that we use to charm and attract others. If we use this energy in the right direction, we can use this charm to attract people through creative imagination. This charm can be helpful to us to convince people and we can ultimately achieve what we are desirous of.

Principle No 11: The Subconscious Mind

We do not exactly know what  subconscious mind is, but we know that it is powerful and it can help us solve our all the problems. The only thing to remember is to use it in the right manner. One of the things which we can do is have a clear picture of ourselves achieving the goals in our subconscious mind. We should be known to exactly what we want and set clearly and project it in our mind as we are going to project something on the screen. We must keep it intact in our subconscious mind.

We should see ourselves doing the things, having what we want. We must repeat this this every day, mostly at night before we go to sleep and before we wake up. This will let our subconscious mind move towards achieving the objective.

Principle No 12: The Power of Brain

The most powerful organ of our body is the brain that works like a broadcasting and receiving station for our thoughts. The subconscious mind, if programmed and operated well, can get us in the right state of the mind. The brain consists of a powerful force that regulates us. All we need to do is to nourish our brain as this is not only the master organ of our body but powerful box that can help us accomplish what we desire.

Principle No 13: The sixth sense

This is the last principle known as intuition or gut-feeling. This is the sense whereby our intelligence is shown. When we align our subconscious mind, we get answers to all our questions from the unknown power. This may happen due to the gut-feeling or intuition and so we should not ignore them. This ability to know and use this great power can only come when you have started the application of the 12 other principles.

These principles, if applied in real life in any domain can bring happiness, success and wealth. So, start getting familiar with them, learn them and begin using all the above 13 principles to get you all are desirous of.

This is what Think and Grow Rich is all about.

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