Book Review of the Novel ‘The Green Room’ by Nag Mani


Book Review of the Novel ‘The Green Room’ by Nag Mani

The Green Room Review: Nag Mani is one of the emerging authors of India whose contemplation of ideas is quite deep and influential. This book is a thriller association .The cover page has a picture of a young girl in an old school uniform whose eyes reflect terror and weakness. The background of the page is quite dark throwing hint of suspense of dark hidden activities. The background of the story is set in a boarding school named as “queen Victoria school” in Nainital. The story begins with a  quite terrifying and engaging happening which is explained later in the novel. It is about a man, who had to pay for his wrong deeds and is billed by someone when misty fog traps him and perplex him. It provides no space for escape and no time to ruminate. In nutshell, the author creates a very honest description of the event.

Further, as the story unfolds, we come to know about the naughty and daring kids at the school. One of the leading characters of the novel, his character seems to surprise us as it reveals various facets of a teenage lad’s life. We also come to know the hegemony of seniors over the juniors leading to torture and hapless situation. The major part of the story which is quite addictive and impressive comes out when the play preparation takes place. The green room is besides the auditorium where the visit of children doesn’t prove fortunate. Children are terrifying after shrieks of a girl. This really brings out a lot of mystery series of activities. As soon as the play preparation started, Rohan is made the manager of this play since he is an active boy.

Many people believed that the green room was haunted. Rumours accrued in the halls and the corridors. It was sure that something is wrong. In the meanwhile, the lead actress of the play, Chandni and Rehan experience a few things. Rohan goes through a lot of frightening things that made him way more curious to know the secrets. Chandni and Rohan get to know that no one reveals the true identity and that everyone wears a mask while exploring about the truth. Rohan ends up in impasse school rules. Management decided to suspend him. The management infuriates as Rohan tries to bring out the reality and justice. In these set of events, a lot of things happen, students united and fought and in the end, justice happened.

On the whole, the story is quite interesting &engaging. It brings out harsh realities of the world .After reading the novel,I felt that the author has deep relation with something alike or has gone through a similar phase because each emotion, each description felt so true and genuine that it didn’t feel like a fictitious story.

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