Book Review of I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh


Book Review of ‘I Too Had a Love Story’ by Ravinder Singh

Book Review: This beautiful novel ‘I too had a love story’ is written by Ravinder Singh as his debut novel. The novel is a description of what actually happened in his life. As an author he didn’t need to think of a story line but remember all the incidents. In an interview he said that it would have been easier if it was thinking of a new story because it was far more painful for him to recall what all happened in the past. The story starts with a romantic set but the way it flows into an emotional one draws the reader into it. The use of words is just right to make the reader feel what the author wanted.

The story has scenes of reunion of the college students, bachelor talks, falling in love, finding a soul mate and then losing the same in an accident. A perfect bond is shown between the college friends that usually is found in real life too. Not being able to meet for quite long and the excitement of meeting is so genuine that the reader finds it relatable. Also having bachelor talks and that too accompanied with thoughts and advices for marriage are common too during such college reunions. Then the story has a starting of a long distance relationship which started from a matrimonial site which is quite acceptable. The protagonist falls in love with the heroine of the novel and they have those little moments. But the reader sometimes might feel the moments resembling some of those of the Bollywood movies. Over exaggeration could also be felt in the romantic part though that’s what some readers might like about this novel. The journey of falling in love to accepting the person as a soul mate and then to proposing the parents for marriage is described just perfectly. All the incidents actually take place in a normal person’s life when he encounters this situation. Though when everything was perfect, an accident occurred and the heroine of the novel got badly hurt. The reaction of the family of the heroine as well as the protagonist was quite genuine. The way the hero got worried and what his actions were could be felt by the readers. Ultimately in the end the heroine died and the world of hero got shattered. The description of the condition after her death might bring tear rolling down from eyes of many readers.

This novel can be described as a roller coaster of emotions with happiness of reunion to the romance of meeting the love and then to sorrow of losing one’s to be fiancé. Ending of this novel is not satisfactory and the reader might feel whether the hero would fall in love again or live the rest of his life with only Khushi’s memories. All in all this is a really interesting novel for those readers who love the taste of romance.

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