Short Biography of Swami Vivekananda | Book Review | Asha Prasad |


Short Biography of Swami Vivekananda | Book Review | Asha Prasad |

Book Review of Biography of Swami Vivekananda

The biography written by Asha Prasad throws light on the life of Swami Vivekananda and his journey. She does not forget to give us some glimpse of the life of Swami ji guru Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. As no one can reach one’s destined spot without the guidance of a Guru that’s even more true in the case of Swami ji. As he was the one who made him realize his true potential. Swami ji enjoyed his childhood in the same way as we all do but even then he stupefied others with strong his strong intellect and rational thinking.

Swami Vivekananda had gone through both luxuries and adversities in his life post his father’s death. He was well-educated but always found this western education insufficient to quench his thirst to meet GOD. He had even doubted on his guru at times but the love and belief showered on him cleared his doubts. He had attained Sanyasa at an age of 18. He had a perpetual desire to meet GOD which led him to gain knowledge about every religion and religious texts. He never left the process of learning and took lesson from each event of life. At one point of time atheism enveloped his heart and mind, but he did overcome that phase.

He was so humble that he answered everyone’s queries and even compelled some to apologize who tried to take a dig at him. He journeyed the whole country to understand India and the different cultures and religions prevalent in the nation. He had an all-embracing nature, no matter who came to him, he greeted and conversed with same gratitude. When he decided to attend World Religion Forum, problem of funds, attaining membership, shortage of money during stay, extreme cold nothing could stop him. Every aspect of Swami Ji’s personality is well described in the book.

Even the western countries who were believer of Christianity were mesmerized by the oratorical skills and knowledge of his that they gave remembrance to him for giving speeches and offered him stay at their homes. Many people there, became disciples of his and accompanied him in all walks of his life.

But here we witness conspiracies against him even by his countrymen, a renown leader of Brahma Samaj out of jealousy with the American missionaries try to defense him and spread rumors about him. He believed in the capabilities of his Guru Brothers and disciples and gave them important responsibilities at different point of time. Back home after a long period of 4 years, he was heartedly welcome and received invitations from all parts of the country. He was totally engrossed in work and would never sit idle bit health deteriorated markedly and he has to take rest after some intervals of time. He knew that it is youth who can pull India out of all the adversities. It is facing and made constant efforts to make them realize their responsibilities towards their country.

He got the Belur Mutt up to give a boost to the organizational work and set various plans and rules for the Mutt and the brahmacharis who were expected to come there. He trained other Sanayasis to assist him in his propagational work, even the foreigners became his disciples and he took great care of them when they came to meet him.

Foreigners invited him to their home and took care of him but that does not mean he did not face any hardships. He did and it became a difficult task to collect money for work of poverty eradication in India. As death neared him, a new aspect of his personality came forward. Who yearned for his death and redemption gradually getting detached from his responsibilities by giving that to others.

During his last days, he realized his duties towards his mother and began to fulfill her wishes. Even after being an Advaita philosopher, he started to practice idol worship at times. He was such a person who did not became passive even on the day of his death. His biography teaches us many things through the different incidents of his life. Some of which are hard-work, determination, compassion, gratitude, getting above the boundations of caste, gender, religion, creed, status etc.

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