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Important Question Answers of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers with PDF File to Download

Question/Answers of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers              ————————————————————————————————————– Q1. What made Aunt Jennifer only choose to knit tigers on the screen not any other animals? Ans. Since tigers are the epitome of bravery and ferociousness & untamed by anyone in this world, they have a unique feature that they are unafraid

Summary of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers with PDF file to download

Summary of Aunt Jenniffer’s Tigers This poem is a feminist poem which revolves around the theme of male domination and gender conflicts. Through this poem, it has been shown that women are not only harassed mentally but also physically by their male counterparts. Aunt Jennifer, who is a universal figure symbolizing all the women of

Summary of ‘A Thing of Beauty’ with PDF file

Thing of Beauty Summary This poem is a beautiful creation, taken as an excerpt, from one of the poems crafted by John Keats. In this poem, John Keats praises all the beautiful things present around us and the world. According to him, beautiful things get treasured in our mind and grow more beautiful with the

Keeping Quiet Summary With PDF File to Download

Keeping Quiet (Summary) (By: Pablo Neruda) This poem is all about the importance of staying calm and composed. Here, Pablo Neruda (Poet) wants people to keep quiet for some time so that they can introspect themselves during the time of introspection and realize what is wrong and what is right for them. He begins this

Important Questions of My Mother at Sixty Six

My Mother at Sixty Six (Important Questions) Q1. Where is the poet going? What is she afraid of? Ans. The poet is going to Cochin airport with her mother. She is afraid of losing her mother as the latter has grown old and weak with the passage of time. Her condition is deteriorating day by

My Mother At Sixty Six (Summary with PDF Download)

My Mother at Sixty Six (Summary) (By: Jatin Sachdeva)   This poem ‘My Mother at Sixty Six’ written by ‘Kamala Das’ revolves around a natural problem namely ‘ageing’ which can’t be controlled or cured by any doctor or surgeon of this world. At the commencement of the poem, we find the poet (Kamala Das) travelling