Important Questions Answers of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers | Poem 6 |


Important Questions Answers of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers | Poem 6 |


Q1. What made Aunt Jennifer only choose to knit tigers on the screen not any other animals?

Ans. Since tigers are the epitome of bravery and ferociousness & untamed by anyone in this world, they have a unique feature that they are unafraid of human beings. In order to express her desire & feel dominant, she knits tigers instead of any other animal on the screen.


Q2. Do you sympathise with Aunt Jennifer in this poem? Give reasons in support to your answer.

Ans. Undoubtedly, we sympathise not only with Aunt Jennifer but also each and every woman who is exploited by her husband. No one has got any right to play with the freedom and emotions of the women. According to me, such woman should take a stand and raise their voice against the molestation.

Q3. What ordeals do you think Aunt Jennifer is surrounded by?

Ans. According to me, Aunt Jennifer is not only oppressed by her husband but also disrespected in this male dominated society. She is not allowed to work freely but with stress and tension. Although nothing has been stated in this poem about the atrocities yet we can figure out by taking a common example of any woman being harassed by her husband.

Q4. Of what or of whom is Aunt Jennifer terrified in this poem?

Ans. According to me, Aunt Jennifer is terrified of her husband in this poem. Latter, who has forgotten all his humanity, finds fault in every work of his wife, abuses her mentally as well as physically and dominates her everywhere wherever she goes. We can only anticipate only as nothing has been stated in this poem about her oppression.


Q5. How do ‘Denizens’ and ‘chivalric’ add to our understanding of the tiger’s attitude?

Ans. Denizens means inhabitants and chivalric suggests bravery. These two adjectives have been used for tigers to showcase their dominance in their world. Both the words suggest that tigers are free to move in their green world where they live whereas their bravery is not hidden from this world.

Q6. What will be the effect of Aunt Jennifer’s death on the tigers and on the society?

Ans. Death is inevitable which everyone in this world is known to. According to me, no one will be affected on the death of Aunt Jennifer neither the society nor the tigers. They both will remain unaffected and enjoy their lives without and woes.

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