Top-10 Words (Volume-1)

Top Ten Words

Let us present you top-10 words of today that can help you enriching your vocabulary. These words can be used in daily conversation formally or informally.  You should always remember that one can only remember these words if one makes the use of them while speaking or writing. Given below are the words.

Word Meaning Example
Impeccable Perfect Rahul is an impeccable child.


Suave Refined Our Prime Minister is a suave gentleman.


Invincible Unbeatable Milkha Singh was invincible in his youth.


Pragmatic Practical One should have pragmatic approach towards life.


Epitome A Perfect example


Dr. Abdul Kalam was an epitome of perfect breeding.


Indomitable Unconquerable The king of Pratibandapuram had an indomitable courage.


Savvy Intelligent, well-informed The audience of that debate competition was quite savvy.


Altruist A lover of mankind Salman Khan is an altruist.


Sadist One who obtains pleasure inflicting pain to others.


Hitler was a sadist who wanted others to stay unhappy.
Protagonist Principal character of a fiction. Griffin is the protagonist of ‘The Invisible Man’.



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