Report Writing on Science Exhibition | Class 12 | English Core |


Report Writing on Science Exhibition | Class 12 | English Core |


Question : Jain Public School organised a 2-day Science Exhibition on 11 & 12 August in its campus. Write a report in about 150 words elaborating the whole scene. You are Manoj/Ramneet Kaur.


JPS Organises Science Exhibition

By: Ramneet Kaur

13 August, 2021 : Jain Public School, Mahendergarh organised a 2-day science fair named ‘Sciencopedia’ in its campus from 11-12 August. It was an open-to-all exhibition wherein hundreds of students participated from different school & people, from all around, came to see the innovation, creativity & scientific ability of the students. 

The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Ratnesh Bansal (HOD Science Department, IGU). He was welcomed warmly by the school’s Director presenting him a bouquet of flowers and accompanying him to the main entrance of the auditorium for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The inauguration ceremony commenced at 10 AM with a huge round of applause from all and sundry present there.

Post that, the chief guest, along with school’s Director, visited all the cubicles and monitored all the science models and projects one by one. The students, engaged in exhibiting their talent, briefed him and answered all the questions put up by him. Having been to all the stalls, he praised all the students for their remarkable efforts and putting up a great show. Later, he gave away the prizes to best of models chosen by a team of experts from the school. 

Those two days had an incessant energy and enthusiasm that was clearly visible in the eyes of children participating in that exhibition. It was a huge success and it managed to optimise the latent talent of young prodigies. The young scholars of the schools got to learn a lot too from that science exhibition.

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