Report on Blood Donation Camp | Class 12 | English Core | Term 2 |


Report on Blood Donation Camp | Class 12 | English Core | Term 2 


Question : Your school organised a Blood Donation Camp yesterday in its school hall. Teachers of school along with hundreds of people came forward for this noble cause. Write a report in about 150 words for your school’s magazine. You are Amit/Priya.


Blood Donation Camp


Patiala, 22nd February : A blood donation camp was held at Patiala Public School yesterday in collaboration with Red Cross Society, Patiala. It was held successfully in school’s activity hall. The chief guest invited for the inauguration of the camp was Deputy CMO Mr. Krishan Kumar who inaugurated the camp before donating his blood for a noble cause. A team of three doctors & seven nurses came for the collection of blood under the supervision of Dr. Ruprekha Verma, HOD, Civil Hospital Patiala.

200 Units of blood were collected from staff members of the school, teachers and other prominent personalities of the town. Besides, various competitions including slogan writing, poster making, still photography were held on the theme ‘Healthy Youth for Healthy India’.

Later, donors were given away the certificates for their invaluable contribution in saving others’ life by Deputy CMO. They were also thanked for their optimistic approach and service to the mankind by the dignitaries present there. The camp ended on a positive note with school’s Director acknowledging the support shown by all and sundry. He assured everybody to hold such noble events in coming future as well.

In the end, the chief guest & doctors requested all and sundry to encourage more and more people to donate blood for it can help others in need and made them aware of benefits of donating blood. 

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