The Adventures of Toto Summary & Notes | Class 9 | Questions Answers |


The Adventures of Toto Summary & Notes | Questions Answers |

The Adventures of Toto Summary

The Adventures of Toto by Ruskin Bond revolves around narrator’s keeping a monkey as a pet and the hardships he comes across in raising it. In this story, narrator grandfather sees the monkey in the tonga-driver’s house and buys  it for five rupees. Then they put it in the narrator’s room, but when they come back, there find everything messy and untidy in the room! But instead of scolding or criticizing Toto, the grandfather admires Toto’s work.

Toto’s grandfather puts Toto in a large cage with his other pets, but it could not work because Toto did not let the animals sleep through the night. Grandfather took Toto with it on his trip to Saharanpur the next day. There were two reasons for this. Grandfather did not want his wife to know that he had Toto at home. He was afraid that she would not like it and that if he put Toto in the cage with other animals it might upset them. So instead of putting it back in the cage, Grandfather took it on his trip with him, but this led to trouble when the ticket collector noticed Toto and charged three rupees for a ticket. Grandfather was upset about how things turned out, but decided to keep Toto anyway because he liked it so much.
Toto did some bad things. It bit the ears of Nano, the narrator’s family donkey when they were kept together in a stable. Toto got into a boiling pot of water and had to be saved by the narrator’s grandmother. Whenever one of the narrator’s aunties came near Toto, it tore her dress. Once, it ate all of their lunch and broke their plate after finishing his food.
The family couldn’t keep Toto in the house because it was ruining things. They didn’t have enough money to repair them, so narrator’s grandfather sold Toto to the same man whence it was bought for 3 rupees.

NCERT Solutions of The Adventures of Toto

Think about it (Page 11)

Question 1. How does Toto come to grand-father’s private zoo?
Answer: Grandfather liked to raise animals as pet. One day he saw a monkey with a tonga- driver. The monkey was tied to a feeding- trough and seemed out of place there. Grandfather bought the monkey for five rupees from the tonga driver and brought him home to be the part of former’s private zoo.

Question 2. “Toto was a pretty monkey.” In what sense is Toto pretty?
Answer: Toto was a cute dog with sparkling eyes. He had teeth that were white and quick fingers. The tail on his body was really useful because it could be used as an extra hand. Toto’s smile would make old women in Anglo-Indian families frightened and happy, too. All those qualities made him a pretty monkey.

Question 3. Why does grandfather take Toto to Saharanpur and how? Why does the ticket collector insist on calling Toto a dog?
Answer: Toto was a naughty monkey. He kept bothering the other animals in his grandfather’s zoo. Only the grandfather could handle him. So he took Toto to Saharanpur in a bag and the ticket collector called Toto a dog because Toto wasn’t human, so he didn’t qualify as such.

Question 4. How does Toto take a bath? Where has he learnt to do this? How does Toto almost boil himself alive?
Answer: Toto tested the water with his hand and then slowly stepped into the bath. He put one foot in and then the other until he was in up to his neck. Then he rubbed himself all over with soap. He learned it from the author. One day, Toto got in a kettle of boiling water, but when it turned out to be hot, he jumped out of it quickly. The grandmother came and pulled him out before he was too badly hurt by being too close to a big fire for too long.

Question 5. Why does the author say, “Toto was not the sort of pet we could keep for long”?
Answer: Toto was undoubtedly a mischievous monkey that kept on bothering other animals and making the things messy. Toto’s misdeeds proved that he couldn’t be kept a pet. He caused too much trouble for other animals and people by breaking things. All these thing make the author say the aforesaid statement.

Talk about it (Page 11)

Question 1. Do you have a pet? Is your pet mischievous? Tell the class about it.
Answer: I have a pet dog named Trio. When he was small, my father had brought him for me from the market house. My family likes him for he is very active and always watches for people that come to our house. He likes to sit by the door at night and barks when he hears any sound that he doesn’t know. He has been really important because we know when there are strangers coming into our house. I love him a lot and wish him a long and healthy life.

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