CBSE May Release Sample Paper Before First Term Exams in November


CBSE May Release Sample Paper Before First Term Exams in November

In order to clear all the dilemmas of the students regarding the upcoming Term- 1 Exams (To be held in the month of November), CBSE may release a sample paper on its official website by the end of this month (August). With the passage of time, students going to appear in first term examination are getting more and more confused. They have no idea whatsoever as to what kind of questions are going to be put up by the board in their question papers to be sent to schools for the exams to be held in the month of November.

Earlier, CBSE had made it clear in one of its circular that it would conduct an MCQ-Based Exams in the month of November-December whereas a descriptive exam would be be conducted in the month of March-April. Moreover the board had added that all the responses would be captured on OMR Shetts. But, there was nothing clear whether it would completely be an MCQ-Based Exam or partially. Given below is the link of the new scheme of assessment for the board examination issued by CBSE.

CBSE New Scheme of Assessment for Board Examination

CBSE May Release Sample Paper
CBSE May Release Sample Paper Soon

Student Says:

According to one of the students (Radhika) studying at a local CBSE school, she is clueless about how to prepare for the upcoming CBSE Board exams. She added that, in the syllabus of English Core for Term-1 issued by CBSE, the board has clarified that there would be questions based on short Writing Tasks like Notice Writing, Classified Advertisement and Long Writing Tasks like Letter to an Editor and Article Writing but nothing has been specified about their way of answering whether MCQ-Based Questions would be asked for the given short and long writing tasks or not.


Definitely, the sample question papers to be released by CBSE are going to help students a lot.


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