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Henri Fayol 14 Principles of Management 

Henri Fayol, who is also known as ‘Father of Modern Management Theory, gave a new meaning to the term ‘Management’. He came up with a theory that managers can apply in all levels and departments of the company. Fayol’s theory helps managers be more efficient and organized. His theory, lessons and principles are often followed by the managements at all levels.

Given below are all the fourteen principles of management created by Henri Fayol.

Division of Work

Henri believed that dividing work among workers helps make the product better. He also thought that dividing up work makes workers more productive, efficient, accurate and fast. This idea applies to both people who are in charge and those who do technical jobs.

Authority and Responsibility

Management revolves are two aspects which are Authority and Responsibility. Authority helps the manager to work efficiently. Responsibility makes them responsible for what they have done or have been given responsibility by someone else.


With discipline, you can achieve your goals. It is important to have discipline for any project or job. Good performance and sensible interactions help managers to do their jobs well and comprehensively. Employees who behave well will also smoothly build their careers.

Unity of Command

This means an employee must have only one boss and do what that boss commands. If an employee has to follow more than one boss/employer, that can be more confusing and create a conflicting situation.

Unity of Direction

Everyone in a company should have the same goal that everyone is working towards. Then, it will be easier to work and to achieve one’s goals.

Subordination of Individual Interest

This means that people need to work together. They should work for the good of the company, not just their own personal interests. This means that people should be answerable to the people above them in the chain of command.


Remuneration is used to motivate workers in companies. It is not the only way that people are rewarded for their work. People can also get remuneration or other things that they need, but it should be according to how hard they work and efforts they put in their work.


This means the decision makers who make all the decisions need to be fair. But this depends on how big a company is. Henri Fayol said that there should be a balance between hierarchy and power distribution.

Scalar Chain

It is important for everyone to know the hierarchy steps. So it should start from the top, with the company’s CEO, and then go down to lower-level employees. This way if someone needs help they can contact their boss right away.


It means that a company must have a work order to accomplish its goals. The positive atmosphere in the workplace will make people more productive.


All employees should be treated equally and respectfully. It is the responsibility of a manager to make sure that no one gets discriminated against.


Employees try their best if they feel like they have a secure job. Managers/Management should make sure that they offer job security to employees.


The management should help and encourage the employees to take initiative in their organization. This will make people interested and they will be worth more.

Esprit de Corps

Management has the responsibility to motivate their employees. They also need to understand each other. This will lead to a good work environment for everyone.


This is a list of 14 things that people in charge of an organization can do to help them better manage their business. They are good for prediction, planning, decision-making, and organizing.



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